Shoei X-Fifteen Márquez Thai: Ready for the race

Shoei has released a special edition of the X-Fifteen (X-SPR Pro in our market), presenting a faithful replica of the competition helmet that Marc Márquez He wore it at the last Thai Grand Prix. This exclusive piece, called X-Fifteen Marquez Thaiwill be available only in the Japanese market for a specific period, which will span from April to June 2024.

Shoei X-Fifteen Marquez Thai

The price of Shoei X-Fifteen Marquez Thai amounts to 96,800 yen, which is approximately equivalent to 610 euros. For comparison, the standard X-Fifteen has a guide price of 77,000 yen (equivalent to 480 euros) in Japan, while, in Spain, the Shoei Retail price that starts at approximately 720 euros.

The iconic racing helmet Shoeiand the top of the range in its catalogue, has gained global recognition thanks to its outstanding aerodynamic performance.

This helmet, worn by some of the world’s most notable pilots, including Mark Marquez, stands as one of the most coveted high-performance helmets. In fact, it has been conceived for racing and is equipped with all the essential safety and comfort features you can imagine.

Shoei X-Fifteen Marquez Thai

Logically, the line of racing helmets from Shoei It focuses on aerodynamics. And through extensive wind tunnel testing, Shoei It has managed to reduce lift by 1.6% and aerodynamic resistance by 6.1% compared to the previous version of this helmet.

This means it offers stable aerodynamic performance at speeds above 350 km/h. Without a doubt, aerodynamics is a crucial aspect in any racing helmet, but comfort is also crucial. He X-Fifteen Marquez Thai It has adequate ventilation thanks to the different pressure analysis tests to which it was subjected.

Shoei X-Fifteen Marquez Thai

The brand claims that the new air intake has a 1.5 times deeper path than its predecessor, meaning it is more effective at keeping your head cool while riding. Additionally, a rear stabilizer tunnel with an outlet just below the spoiler draws hot air out of the helmet, while providing greater stability at high speeds.

Inside the helmet, Shoei has incorporated improved split center pads for a customizable fit. The cheek space has also been expanded for optimal comfort at high speeds. Lastly, the X-Fifteen Marquez Thai features a CWR-F2R visor with full center locking and an anti-fog visor to ensure clear vision in all conditions.

Shoei X-Fifteen Marquez Thai

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