Suzuki Van Van Fat Tire: an eighties preparation

Today we no longer find it in the catalog of the Japanese firm, but the Suzuki Van Van was one of those motorcycles that appear to mark history. You have to go back to the beginning of the ’70s of the last century to see it for the first time, and it has been part of the Suzuki range for several decades, until just a few years ago.

The Suzuki Van Van was, in essence, a fun-bike. That is, a motorcycle designed for fun. But at the same time it was a very simple motorcycle, with an aesthetic that was totally from the seventies and that throughout its production life has maintained that characteristic line of a beach motorcycle.

Here in Spain it may not have been the most successful Suzuki model, since we had many other options in the market at that time, but it is a motorcycle with followers in other parts of the world.

So much so that even the preparations that we can find, like this Suzuki Van Van Fat Tire. They keep a large part of the essence of the motorcycle. Because, basically, what makes the Van Van great and different is that it has its own character that is difficult to replicate and that is difficult to improve. In short, if you dare to prepare a Van Van, the result may be worse than the original.

A daring and different Suzuki Van Van preparation

In this case, the preparation of the Suzuki Van Van 200 carried out by Sliptstream Creations has maintained the basic parts of the motorcycle, enhancing some others thanks to “donations” from models as different as a Honda CB360 from which it inherited the fuel tank. It is precisely in the upper part of the motorcycle that we find one of the big differences, since when modifying the tank, the seat and even the cut rear fender also change.

What does not change is the engine, the chassis, the suspensions and the voluminous, peculiar and characteristic exhaust pipe of the Suzuki Van Van. But there are many more changes to the bike and the most striking is, without a doubt, the use of “fat” tires.

Perhaps those “fat tires” that give their name to the preparation are the most striking and that although the original rear wheel already had a considerable balloon in the preparation, they take it to the extreme using 14-inch wheels and huge tires.

The finishes and details have also been taken care of, personalizing different parts of the motorcycle and giving a genuine touch to another part that was emblematic: the headlight. The single headlight has been replaced by a double LED one that finishes giving it that eighties, beachy and wild air that this preparation of the legendary Suzuki Van Van conveys to us.

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