SW-Motech equips the BMW R 1300 GS with its new range of accessories

The new GS generation begins in 2024 with the option of equipping the new range of SW-Motech accessories. The German brand has already presented an R 1300 GS at its EICMA 2023 stand, equipped with important accessories such as side support, engine protectors and protection bars. SW-Motech once again expands its range of accessories in the categories of luggage, safety, ergonomics, protection and navigation.

SW-Motech range of accessories for BMW R 1300 GS in detail

The PRO tank bagswith up to four models from the PRO series, find their place on the PRO tank ring, including the PRO GS tank bag with up to 20 liters of practical storage space. We can choose between three WP waterproof tank bags: the new PRO Micro WP It also fits the GS and is now available.

On the other hand, we have the robust Trax ADV aluminum suitcases which can be easily attached to the side stand and offer sufficient space for equipment. The waterproof and dustproof suitcases are available in the M version with a 37 liter capacity and in the L version with a capacity of 45 litersBoth models are available in black or silver.

If you need even more space, SW-Motech It has the Trax ADV top case on the luggage rack Adventure Rack. As a complete package, the Adventure Luggage Set includes a complete luggage system with matching side and rear luggage racks.

For its part, the Dusc suitcase, also available with a practical inner bag on request, fits perfectly with the new R 1300 GS, both visually and functionally. Made from the robust and versatile ABS material with an aluminum frame, it is extremely stable and light.

This high-quality suitcase is travel-friendly and can be used as a side or top suitcase. The SysBag WP L side bagsfully waterproof, are also compatible and offer a good soft luggage alternative with a sporty look.

SW-Motech equips the BMW R 1300 GS with its new range of accessories

Safety on and off the road

From side engine protections to anti-fall stop kitsthe new range of SW-Motech accessories They guarantee us the best comprehensive protection for the rider and the important components of the motorcycle.

It is important to protect the new Boxer engine from damage, so installing an engine guard made of a robust aluminum alloy makes sense, especially on long off-road trips. The most modern manufacturing processes guarantee a secure fit of the model-specific protective parts.

SW-Motech equips the BMW R 1300 GS with its new range of accessories

Additionally, you can install the extension of this engine guard, made of brushed and powder-coated aluminum, it protects the front area of ​​the engine block against stone impacts.

When developing the side engine guards, SW-Motech took into account the new lines of the R 1300 GS. Steel tubes effectively protect the cylinder and valve cover. The upper engine protections are mounted as a complement to the protection bars and mainly protect the motorcycle’s coating.

SW-Motech equips the BMW R 1300 GS with its new range of accessories

Anti-fall stops on the front and rear axles prevent damage to the swingarm or fork in an emergency. Other protection products are the manifold protector that prevents contact with the hot exhaust and protect against swingarm movements.

Finally SW-Motech, within its range of accessories, also offers ergonomic elements for the R 13000 GS. Both the EVO footrest such as foot brake lever extension improve driving comfort; They are very useful aids, especially off-road. The milled gear lever can be infinitely adjusted to find the optimal gear position.

SW-Motech equips the BMW R 1300 GS with its new range of accessories

The orderly LED matrix The new front promises a higher level of safety thanks to better visibility in road traffic. With the EVO fog lightsthese features can be further enhanced and put the new GS in the well-deserved spotlight, even in adverse weather conditions.

More information and details about the range of SW-Motech accessories on the brand’s official website or at any of the brand’s authorized distributors in our country.

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