SYM ADX 125 2023 test

SYM ADX 125 Test: Introduction

SYM has been in Spain since 2004 and in this time, it has become the brand with the widest range of scooters on the market, with no less than 17 models divided into 4 different segments: urban, classic, GT and sports. Its catalog includes best sellers such as the Symphony 125, the Cruisym Alpha 300 or the Maxsym TL 508 maxi scooter.

This new SYM ADX 125 marks the brand’s entry into the crossover scooter segment with every intention of attracting new customers and aligning itself with the latest market trends.

Crossover scooters try to introduce minimal off-road capabilities to traditional scooters. A move that in some way is inherited from the automotive world, where SUVs have been becoming popular for a few years, delighting the most general public.

Off-road capabilities aside, both in the case of cars and crossover scooters, the main asset at play is combining versatility, practicality and an aggressive design in a vehicle for everyday use.

Some scooters that compete directly with this SYM ADX 125 are the Aprilia SR GT 125, the KYMCO DTX 125 or the MOTOR HISPANIA VR10. The new SYM ADX 125 aims to become a benchmark in the segment. We’ll see if he succeeds.

SYM ADX 125 Test: Features and Equipment

The engine of this SYM ADX 125 is 4-stroke with liquid cooling and four valves and provides a final power of 12.3 HP at 7,550 rpm with a maximum torque of 11.5 Nm at 7,500 rpm. Its operation is smooth and fine, which is usually a strong point of other SYM scooters.

It includes a new Start & Stop system (Zero-Resistance Starter & Generator System) that, as its name indicates, turns off and starts the engine without any type of resistance, you will not even have the sensation of the starter motor intervening.

Together with the high tank capacity (15 liters) and the low declared consumption (2.6 l/100 km) we can achieve ranges of over 500 km.

The chassis is supported on a tubular chassis in combination with a swingarm-rear engine, a conventional but very efficient solution. The front suspension is a telescopic fork with 90 mm of travel and is joined by a rear monoshock similar to that of some adventure-type motorcycles, which works in a horizontal position. The union of the chassis and the swingarm-engine implements an anti-lift system (ALEH) that provides stability during acceleration.

SYM ADX 125 2023 test

The brakes are disc, 260 mm petal type at the front and 230 mm without being petaled at the rear, the calipers are two-piston. The ABS system is dual channel, it is not disconnectable and it is signed by Continental. This SYM ADX 125 also has a traction control system (TCS) which in this case is disconnectable.

The scooter weighs 153 kg in running order and has final dimensions of 1,980 mm in length, 780 mm in width and 1,225 mm in maximum height. The wheelbase is 1,390 mm and the seat height is 810 mm. With these measurements we can affirm that it is not a particularly large scooter, and it is accessible to users of any size. Although we will talk about ergonomics later. The wheels are 13” and it has 120/70 and 130/70 tires at the front and rear respectively.

To complete this descriptive section, comment on the equipment and finishes of this SYM ADX 125, which are adequate and competitive. One of the most striking points of this scooter is the aggressive and modern image. It stands out for its sharp and sporty lines.

The finishes are generally of good quality, except perhaps the glove box lid that leads to the left side of the shield, which also cannot be locked. Furthermore, the USB socket is located on the right side of the shield and not inside the glove box, so if we wanted to charge the phone while driving, we would have to have the glove box open and the cable hanging in front of our knees.

SYM ADX 125 2023 test

Perhaps these two details are the most notable negative aspects of the equipment of this SYM ADX 125. At least the USB socket is 3.0 and allows fast charging with the appropriate cable.

The lighting is full LED and includes emergency lights. The instrumentation is made up of a 5” TFT screen with several predefined interfaces and two modes (day and night), which has a fairly high brightness and can be seen without any problem regardless of the position of the sun, something very appreciated.

Just as its proximity key system is convenient, which includes a key, so that we are not left stranded if the battery runs out. The equipment is completed with a double-height seat and generous two-position footrests. What is not so generous is the space under the seat, since depending on the shape and size of our helmet, we may not be able to leave it underneath.

Lastly, mention that we have a central stand and a side stand.

SYM ADX 125 test: Every day with it


SYM ADX 125 2023 test

This SYM ADX 125 is a scooter with contained dimensions. It is not as spacious as other competitors but in exchange it is quite easy to maneuver when stopped through a low and narrow central tunnel.

Users who are around six feet tall will find the advanced footrests uncomfortable and will have to stick the toe of the boot out to the sides a little, duck-style, or simply use the platforms. The good thing is that the handlebar is quite wide and high and does not interfere with short turns, nor does it come into contact with my knees (186 cm) in roundabouts or when maneuvering.

The seat is rather narrow and quality. It has two heights, which provides lumbar support for the pilot. The windshield is not adjustable and in my case it is very low, so its efficiency is limited.

In general we can say that it is a scooter of very conventional dimensions for its displacement with the particularities of a low and narrow central tunnel and a fairly high handlebar. This is somewhat in line with the crossover philosophy that we have been finding in many new models lately.

SYM ADX 125 2023 test


We know how important it is for a scooter to be practical for everyday use and the loading and storage capacity is very important to take into account. In this case, we cannot overlook the limited space left under the seat. Perhaps the fact that a narrower seat with a more dynamic cut was chosen is the cause of this lack. But it is evident that it takes its toll on the storage capacity of the central hole.

The brand argues that it is possible to store a full-face helmet under the seat and it is technically true. But it is also true that it will depend a lot on the type of helmet, whether it has very voluminous ventilation intakes or some type of additional mechanism or visor and its size obviously. In my case I was able to close the seat with my HJC RPHA 71 but I had to turn it around and tighten the seat firmly, forcing everything a little.

On the other hand, as we have already mentioned, it seems like a good idea that the USB socket would have been inside the glove box and not on the other side of the shield. In this way it would be possible to charge the mobile phone without cables hanging in front of us or from the shield to our pocket, which can be annoying if not even dangerous.

What is very practical is the keyless system that allows us to start without taking the key out of our pocket as well as acting on the cargo compartments and the cover for the fuel tank mouth.

SYM ADX 125 2023 test

On the go with the SYM ADX 125

When we approach the SYM ADX 125 the impression it gives is of an aggressive image and adventurous scooter. It’s probably all posturing, but I personally like it. The wide and high handlebars, with a certain trail bike feel and for a moment you may wonder how this scooter will go on trails, but you quickly forget about it. Because as soon as we got going, we found a fully-fledged scooter that, on the other hand, has nothing wrong with it.

The SYM ADX 125 is easy to maneuver when stationary, because it has small dimensions and the central tunnel is low and narrow. The width of the handlebars works in our favor when we want to use leverage and the turning radius is very good. The large volume of the fuel tank (15 liters) and how low it is located causes a weight distribution that favors stability at low speeds.

We also noticed it in more cheerful driving, in interurban environments or on the open road. I think it is something that suits this SYM ADX 125 very well except for the detail that it is possible to rub the lower plastics on both sides with the asphalt if we go a little hard in curves (in this extreme it also has to do the weight of the pilot, in my case 100 kg).

And since we’re talking about my weight, let me tell you that I missed a little more final power in the engine, although I wouldn’t want to expose it as a serious lack because I weigh considerably more than the average target user of this scooter. Furthermore, it is powerful in recoveries and accelerations thanks to its respectable torque.

SYM ADX 125 2023 test

This is perhaps the most important thing about the response of a scooter that will have to ride in mainly urban environments. Where it is most noticeable is in the maximum speed (99 km/h in the homologation) and even so, I managed to see 98 km in the instrumentation during the test, so not that bad.

Apart from this detail, the dynamic behavior of the SYM ADX 125 is really good. The brakes and suspensions work at a good level and the ride is agile and lively. It’s easy to keep the scooter stable in corners and direction changes are quick and precise. The feel of the brakes is adequate, both front and rear, at the same level as the rest of the bike, as is the ABS, which works as it should, without surprises.

Crossover scooters present that adventurous and dynamic aesthetic that we have liked so much in recent years. But no one can ignore it since, with few exceptions, it is little more than a matter of image. It is true that the handlebars are quite high and wide and we can try to stand on the platforms, but we will be very uncomfortable. The off-road capabilities of the SYM ADX 125, like those of its crossover scooter competitors, are no greater than those of any conventional scooter.

In short, the behavior of this SYM ADX 125 is agile and dynamic. It is a scooter with a touch of sportiness and without a doubt very versatile. It is stable and predictable on interurban journeys and light and responsive in the city. That is its true “all-terrain” capability.

SYM ADX 125 2023 test

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