Technically and aesthetically equipped like a competition machine

Beta Trueba has unveiled the new range EVO Factory MY 2024, the ideal model for those trial riders who want a motorcycle equipped with all the technical and aesthetic advances in the image and likeness of an authentic competition machine. The EVO Factory models represent the competition evolution of the models launched on the market at the end of summer.

The new Factory range has numerous technical improvements that are added to the innovations already presented in the different standard models of the new EVO 2024 and that turn the newcomers into the top motorcycles of Betaalso accompanied by reliability and finishes of the highest level.

The triumphs within World championship In addition to their respective victories in the national championships, they reaffirm the characteristics in terms of handling and performance that the model offers.

Beta EVO Factory MY 2024: Versions

The EVO Factory MY 2024 has again three 2-stroke versions –125 cc, 250 cc and 300 cc– and a 4 stroke –300 cc–. Each of the four versions has its own personality, different and unique, which makes the Factory range adapt to the characteristics of any type of pilot and riding.

EVO Factory 125 2T

It is the smallest of the homologated motorcycles in the range. Light and manageable, it is ideal for young riders who come from our promotional motorcycles, both electric (Minitrial and Minitrial XL) and combustion (EVO 80 Junior and EVO 80 Seniorr), and approach competitions as adults. Its engine performs enough to safely overcome any obstacle, while still being fun and easy to handle.

EVO Factory 250 2T

This is the bike for those looking for a 2-stroke that is easy to handle and control, with a more docile character and torque and power values ​​slightly lower than those of the high-end range. The EVO Factory 250 It is ideal for the enthusiast who seeks maximum performance and, at the same time, maximum traceability and maneuverability of the motorcycle.

EVO Factory 300 3T

We are before the top model of the EVO range. The motorcycle for lovers of large displacement engines with high torque values ​​at all speeds and the ideal base for high-level racing.

The chassis and engine have been sized to overcome the most difficult obstacles and the toughest tracks. It is ideal for experienced riders who are looking for maximum performance while still being easy and immediate as soon as they get into the saddle.

EVO Factory 300 4T

The 4-stroke model, which has the usual displacement of 300 cc, stands out for its ideal compromise between performance, engine maneuverability and ease of use. Its engine adopts its own driving philosophy, different from that of its 2-stroke sisters. It is a motorcycle with a lot of torque, a linear and extremely progressive power delivery.

Beta EVO Factory MY 2024: Technically and aesthetically equipped like a competition machine

Beta EVO Factory MY 2024: Highlights


As is usual in EVO models, the engine is, without a doubt, one of its strong points, thanks to its exceptional performance, as well as its great ease of driving; without compromising performance at any time

The EVO Factory MY 2024 They are enhanced thanks to the improvement of the following aspects compared to the standard version presented at the beginning of September. The more powerful factory version engines differ from their standard version counterparts in the following:

Beta EVO Factory MY 2024 2 Stroke

  • Black magnesium crankcase. This component, with a highly attractive design, guarantees a weight reduction of 1,350 grams, for more agile driving.
  • Ribbed clutch discs. Specially made to have a precise and manageable clutch in any condition.
  • Black anodized engine oil caps.
  • titanium exhaust with a weight reduction of more than 600 grams and greater performance at medium-high speeds. The exhaust of the EVO Factory 125, also made of titanium, is distinguished from that of the higher displacements by its internal structure
  • As in the EVO MY2024, the crankshaft with connecting rod with reduced wheelbase (1.5 mm less, going from 116 to 114.5 mm), recently introduced, is confirmed in all 2-Stroke models except the 125; The bore and stroke remain unchanged, while the pistons are new Meteor.
  • Thanks to the lower weight, the motorcycle is more manageable, while the engines ensure greater performance and ease of driving.

Beta EVO Factory MY 2024: Technically and aesthetically equipped like a competition machine

Beta EVO Factory MY 2024 4 Stroke

The 4T model in Factory configuration also receives a series of improvements compared to the EVO. The electronic control unit has greater electrical power, which translates into greater stability of the spark and the consequent improvement of combustion in all rotational speeds. The EVO Factory 4T It is also equipped with a titanium silencer, lighter and higher performance.

Cycle part

Likewise, great attention has also been paid to the cycle part to once again convert the EVO Factory MY 2024 in an authentic customer-racing motorcycle, capable of performing at the highest level in all competition categories. Specifically, the differences with the standard versions are:

  • The suspensions have a more progressive arm to give more traction to the motorcycle and transmit great sensitivity to the rider, facilitating changes of support at the rear and overcoming large obstacles.
  • New steering posts Made of a single black anodized piece. They guarantee rigidity and lightness (weighing about 100 grams less than the standard ones), allowing the handlebar bridges to be moved forward and backward to find the ideal driving position.
  • Black anodized chain adjusters, handlebar caps and footpegs. The latter provide weight reduction, durability and better grip of the boot thanks to the non-slip steel temples.
  • Red Silicone Custom Radiator Pipes. They contribute to better cooling of the motorcycle and give it a racing look.
  • Galfer sports brake discs. For maximum braking power and extremely low weight that contributes to reducing the suspended masses of the motorcycle, with the consequent improvement in handling.
  • BrakTec brake and clutch pumps.
  • Rear brake caliper with pad anti-vibration system.
  • New blue anodized Morad wheels.
  • gold fork bars. In the EVO Factory MY 2024 gold bars are confirmed. The coloring is the result of a TIN treatment that gives excellent smoothness to the fork, which remains managed in the hydraulic circuit with the recently introduced internal seal system. The setting has a monoshock with optimized “spring guide” geometry (with red spring).
  • Michelin X-light tires. Industry-leading weight, performance and grip in any situation.
  • New aesthetic. The Beta red of plastics and adhesives combines perfectly with the details and the elegant new Ergal blue components. The look of the model is further enhanced by new matte gloss graphics, with matte red parts contrasting with blue and bright white.

Beta EVO Factory MY 2024: Technically and aesthetically equipped like a competition machine

Also with electronic key

The canonical “kill-switch” has been replaced by the new electronic key patented by Betamotor. It is a magnetic device with a “pull” drive that simultaneously performs the anti-theft function and protects the motorcycle and the rider. An exclusive European patent registered by Betamotor (EP3064405B1).

The key consists, like the device it replaces, of two parts: one that remains anchored to the vehicle’s handlebars and the other, magnetic (which the pilot can wear with a wristband), which is disconnected to activate the mechanism; but it differs from the previous ones due to the unique coding that unites the two parts, fulfilling the anti-theft function.

The key prevents the possibility of starting the engine when it is disconnected, thanks to a coding that matches it with the lock mounted on the motorcycle, deterring theft of the vehicle when left unattended.

With a similar operation to the “Kill-Switch” device, the motorcycle turns off when the magnetic contact point connected to the rider’s wrist and the motorcycle’s handlebars is disconnected. Greater protection for the motorcycle and the rider, in a single solution patented exclusively by Betamotor (and for the first time as standard in the Factory range).

For more information about the range EVO Factory MY 2024 You can visit your nearest authorized distributor, or access the official website of the brand in our country.

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