The 2024 Jawa 350 arrives, the archenemy of the Royal Enfield Classic 350

One of the most popular motorcycle segments in India is the 350cc classic and neo-retro motorcycles. Segment that, by the way, dominates Royal Enfield.

As we already told you at the time, for some time now Jawa reached an agreement with Mahindra for the production of its machines in the country of the Taj Mahal. Now, the latest creation of Jawa It is the new version of its historical 350.

The new one Jawa 350 2024 It is a remake of the popular European mount within the high-displacement motorcycle segment there. Be careful, what is half a displacement here is high in India.

In fact, in this type of mechanics from 300 to 500 cc, Jawa has been a prominent player by offering various models, such as the Perak and the 42 Bobber, the latter model with the engine that our protagonist theoretically has, that is, the largest 334 cc engine. While others Jawaas the standardhave a 296 cc engine.

Jawa 350 2024

In India, sales in this segment are massively occupied by the popular Royal Enfield Classic 350. In fact, it has been a phenomenon since its introduction. Special mention for other rivals such as Honda CB350 India…

But, until now, really, only the Jawa 350 that we present to you on this occasion, it seems that it can stand up to the Indo-British mount, both in price and reliability. Be careful, the price there of the Jawa It is 2,375 euros In exchange, a very attractive PVP.

This is the Jawa 350 2024 India

The silhouette is still typical of Jawa, but has a new approach that pays homage to the company’s past racing pedigree. The Jawa 350 It arrives equipped with a new chassis to support the additional performance of a larger, heavier 334cc engine. The company announces the Jawa 350 as the safest classic motorcycle with the best acceleration and best braking in India for the general public. Eye.

Jawa 350 2024

The most notable change is in the engine. As its name indicates, the Jawa 350 It has the largest capacity engine in the house, with 334 cc. It is a 1-cylinder liquid-cooled engine capable of producing a maximum power of 22 HP and a maximum torque of 28.2 Nm.

It is mated to a 6-speed gearbox and a sliding and assisted clutch. Let me tell you that this same engine is found in the Jawa Perak and 42 Bobber, as we already mentioned above. The brand sets a dry weight of 184 kg and in running order it rises to 194 kg.

The Jawa 350 It features a dual exhaust system that gives it the brand’s iconic signature look. And, although it is liquid-cooled, it still retains the fins on the engine to evoke the nostalgia of air-cooled engines. They have also increased the size of the rubber, now it has the help of tires Continental thicker, with 100/90-18 front wheels and 130/80-17 rear wheels.

Jawa 350 2024

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