The 6 mistakes you should avoid when buying a second-hand scooter

Buying a second-hand scooter can be a very special moment for many and that is why at some point, we put aside rationality and logic and let ourselves go.

That, as our friends at AMV remind us, is a mistake that we must avoid at all costs and there are tools that allow us to do so to ensure that the acquisition does not come as a surprise in a bad way.

1.- Avoid buying a second-hand scooter impulsively

It is the first point that you should avoid. Before buying the scooter you should ask yourself if you really need it and what you need it for. If the answer to the first question is yes, you will have to find the one that suits your needs.

You will not need the same scooter if you are going to move only through the city center as if you are going to do it by road or highway. In the same way, we must ask ourselves about the frequency of use, the kilometers we are going to travel… All of this will help us to make buying a second-hand scooter a much more rational and, ultimately, accurate process.

2.- Look for seller references

This point is especially important, and it is whether we are buying a second-hand scooter from a professional seller or from a private seller. In the case of professionals, we will have it a little easier, since finding references through the Internet is simple.

In the case of individuals it will cost a little more, but you should look (especially on popular buying and selling platforms) at what other products it has sold and the opinions. If you see that he sells many “private” motorcycles on a regular basis, it is better to avoid him.

3.- Get all the information possible

Before buying a second-hand scooter, the first thing we should do is request a traffic report. There we will see important information and we will not have to trust what the seller tells us. If when trying to confirm this information with the seller it doesn’t add up, it is better to reject the purchase.

In the same way and more generically, if you are looking for a scooter that is already a few years old you will be able to collect information on what maintenance costs, possible common defects and common problems that they usually present. The more information you have, the better.

4.- Check every last detail

You are already in front of the scooter, the excitement takes over and… You must continue to stay calm. We must check everything possible and even if we see that the plastics and tires are in good condition, we must look a little more.

Try starting it, check that there are no leaks in the engine joints or suspensions and, even if it is feasible, test it. This last point is delicate because there have been many problems in this regard and the owners are not willing to take the risk. In that case, at least try to go for a ride as the owner’s companion to see the scooter’s reactions.

You have to check all the sections of the motorcycle

5.- Documentation is vital

You have to be legal in every sense, and to do that you have to do the purchase documentation correctly with everything that it entails. It is necessary that the vehicle have a valid ITV to be able to make the change of ownership and also that it is not seized, has a reservation of ownership, pending fines… we will know all this with the traffic report that we had mentioned previously.

In addition to that, the change of owner must be made as soon as possible. Although it can be done individually, it is always easier, even if it costs a little more money, to go to a specialized agency. This way we will be sure that everything is in order.

By the way, you should know that the cost of the transfer of ownership must be borne by the buyer. Another thing is that you negotiate it and pay it in half, but it is never included in the price.

6.- Don’t forget to secure it

Although we should not even remember this point, it is important to do so. There are times when when purchasing the vehicle the seller has the insurance in force, but it is still best to arrange our own insurance once the purchase is made.

If we buy from a professional this will not be a problem, because we will have everything necessary to make the policy, in an individual it may be a little more complicated, but it is worth being 100% sure of our coverage from the first kilometer.

Now that we have reviewed the points that must be taken into account, all you have to do is get to work and find that scooter that you can enjoy.

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