The 800SR is the sports car that KTM does not dare to launch, but CFMoto already has it with an Austrian engine

CFMoto It seems that it wants to join the bandwagon of medium-high displacement sports cars with frames at the level of the future 800SR. That is at least the conclusion we reached after seeing first-hand the images of a test prototype that colleagues from the German media Motorrad have recently published.

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What can we expect from the next CFMoto 800SR

In them we can visualize what will predictably become the next 800SR, in what looks like a circuit box. At first glance, the sporty lines stand out, very similar to those worn by the new CFMoto 500SR and 675SR presented just a few months ago on the occasion of the celebration of the “CFMoto Day 2023”.

Undoubtedly, everything suggests that this next 800SR It will follow the same recipe that we have seen recently in other brands in the sector. This would involve converting its naked model, in this case the well-known 800NK, into a sporty frame. This same formula has been established within the segment with models of the level of the Honda CBR650R, Suzuki GSX-8R or the Ninja 650.

First images of the future CFMoto 800SR

If we let ourselves be carried away by the specifications declared by the 800NKwe can get an idea of ​​what to expect from the next 800SR. This involves using the well-known parallel twin engine inherited from KTM’s current 790 range, as well as a chassis to match.

In it we would highlight a tubular steel chassis along with premium elements from recognized companies in the sector such as KYB or J. Juanoffering their experience, at the disposal of the Chinese firm, in essential parts such as suspension or braking.

First images of the future CFMoto 800SR

From Motorrad they point out that the 800SR It could improve the power figures declared by its sister in the roadster version, although this would not be confirmed yet. Taking into account that the NK offers us a maximum power of 95 HP, the sports variant It could easily surpass the 100 HP barrier.

All these aspects would still be unraveled, although it is likely that in the coming weeks we will discover the fundamental aspects of this 800SR new generation.

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