The Benelli 902S will be the new naked and flagship of the brand. These are the first leaked data

The Benelli 902Sthe attractive naked heiress of the 752S, it seems that it will be able to unfold its charms on the European horizon sooner than we expect. How do we know? Well, the name of this model appears in the MIIT database, that is, the Chinese Ministry of Industry, Technology and Information. I mean, it’s almost a fact.

What is the Benelli 902S like?

From an aesthetic point of view, the future Benelli 902S takes up the elegant lines that we already know from its predecessor, the 752S. Elements such as the black tubular frame, the characteristic oval headlight, the mirrors, the design of the tank and the rear, all these elements seem to maintain a close family relationship.

Even the first leaked data suggests that the wheelbase remains unchanged, remaining at a solid 1,460 mm. The dimensions of the wheels and tires, with a diameter of 17” and measurements of 120/70 ZR 17 and 180/55 ZR 17, also remain without apparent changes.

However, where interesting developments are really expected is in the mechanical heart. It is speculated that the new Benelli 902S It will come equipped with a powerful 904 cc parallel twin, liquid cooling and with a power of 106 HP. The brand sets the maximum speed at 225 km/h.

Benelli 752S

It is also suggested that the inverted fork Marzocchi gilt and brake system Brembo with ABS, they could be similar to those of the Benelli 752S. However, it is expected that the 902S slightly lighter than its predecessor, with a curb weight of approximately 222 kg, compared to 226 kg for the 752S.

Despite everything, it is important to keep in mind that, until now, all the information about the Benelli 902S comes from unofficial Chinese sources. Therefore, it is still too early to confirm when, or even if this new model will reach the European market.

Of course, enthusiasts of Benelli, who are not few, should stay tuned for future news and official announcements from the factory. As soon as we have news, without a doubt, we will tell you about it.

Benelli 752S

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