The best GIVI accessories to dress up the Yamaha NMAX 125

The Yamaha NMAX 125 is one of the best-selling motorcycles of last year and now we can equip it in the best way with the wide range of GIVI accessories that the transalpine firm puts at our disposal. A wide selection of products compatible with this model and that fit the needs of its owners.

ANESDOR reports shed light on which have been the best-selling motorcycles in the last 365 days. A study that confirms that society continues to increasingly rely on the use of scooters and motorcycles in daily travel.

This has meant a growth in the segment greater than Four. Five%. For this reason, we find that one of the models that has been registered the most during 2023 has been the Yamaha NMAX 125. Its ease of driving or the possibility of making urban journeys faster are key arguments for those who opt for this scooter. Japanese

Added to this is the option of being able to use it with the B permit, with a 3-year license, and the ability to make short interurban trips on the highway, making the Yamaha NMAX 125 in a safe bet.

The best GIVI accessories to dress up the Yamaha NMAX 125

Taking advantage of the occasion, the Italian brand, which has been manufacturing components for all types of motorcycles and users for more than 45 years, offers us a portfolio of GIVI accessories that will make our trips even easier, adding extra versatility and comfort to our daily lives.

GIVI accessories range in detail

GIVI B45+ trunk

Within the range of GIVI accessories we find the B45+ Monolock a trunk that not only houses belongings, but also offers us an extra touch of style. With 45 liters capacity and a distinctive square design, this top case adapts perfectly to the Yamaha NMAX 125, becoming the ideal companion for any type of trip, whether on the road or in the city.

The best GIVI accessories to dress up the Yamaha NMAX 125

But what really makes the B45+ stand out is its practicality, incorporating an elastic net and a soft mat. To place it on this model, you only need the specific rear adapter SR2153 which is combined with the grill already included. In addition, for greater comfort it has a backrest for the passenger. It can be found at a price of €169.

GIVI C30 trunk

For those looking for a more compact option, but just as sober, the range of GIVI accessories offers the trunk C30 Monolock. This top case, designed especially for small displacement scooters, becomes a reflection of the brand’s Italian style, while offering the necessary capacity for urban trips with its 30 liters.

The best GIVI accessories to dress up the Yamaha NMAX 125

Its robust and aerodynamic structure makes it a light but resistant suitcase, the perfect option for everyday life in the city. While it is easily fixed to the motorcycle thanks to its specific rear adapter SR2153 that attaches to the grill already included. It is available for €96.

GIVI EA135B tunnel bag

Another of the GIVI accessories Most common on scooters and which can be easily installed on the Yamaha NMAX is a tunnel bag. The Italian brand has different models, among which the EA135Bof 15 liters capacitywhich combines functionality and durability to meet the needs of motorcyclists.

The best GIVI accessories to dress up the Yamaha NMAX 125

Its assembly is very simple, since it is easily attached to the motorcycle using a strap with two clips. They also include a water-resistant case in fluorine yellow, an additional loading system with transversal elastic, front handle and adjustable strap for transport, as well as side and bottom pockets for efficient organization.

In addition, it has rigid plastic reinforcements, prints and reflective inserts to improve visibility and safety. This bag is the ideal choice for those looking for high-quality, versatile equipment. It can be purchased for €87.

The best GIVI accessories to dress up the Yamaha NMAX 125

GIVI S904B mobile phone holder

The range of GIVI accessories offers us functional products that make life easier for motorcyclists. An example of this is mobile support. S904B, made of aluminum and reinforced technopolymer, which allows you to attach an accessory to place any type of smartphone or GPS and thus navigate the metropolis. Installs into the handlebar brake/clutch fluid reservoir easily and can be purchased €34.50.

GIVI 2153DT screen

The screen 2153DT, within the range of GIVI accessories, is a wind shield with specific dimensions and anchors designed to perfectly adapt to the Yamaha NMAX 125. A great option to face the colder seasons and rainy days more comfortably.

The best GIVI accessories to dress up the Yamaha NMAX 125

It can be purchased through the brand’s distributors for €51. For more information about these or other GIVI products you can visit your nearest distributor or go directly to the official GIVI website.

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