The big guys at Stellantis will carry the STLA Large platform with up to 800 km of autonomy

Something is changing in Stellantis, that’s clear. Being one of the largest manufacturers in the world has its advantages and now they are in full cost-saving policy. That is why almost all of its future models will be based around a few modular architectures, with a surprising capacity for adaptation. If a while ago we talked about the STLA Medium, now it’s time to see what will give life to larger vehicles. It is the STLA Large and also focuses on electrification with up to 800 km of autonomy.

This architecture is what will be present in most models in the D and E segments, both passenger cars and SUVs. In fact, Stellantis already confirms the launch of eight copies between 2024 and 2026, so it won’t take long to find out the news. They will be present in five brands of the group, starting with Jeep and Dodge, and following by Alfa Romeo, Chrysler and Maserati. The STLA Large is one of the four global platforms with which Stellantis wants to set the pace for the next decade.

Flexibility is one of the keys to the new platform, as it is capable of adapt to all types of vehicles and that is why it will be a boost to some brands in the North American market. We have talked about the importance of electrification in the STLA Large, but that does not mean that it will stop there. It is confirmed that also will have hybrid and internal combustion variants to cover all needs. It is also confirmed that high-performance vehicles or true all-terrain vehicles with all-wheel drive can be built on this platform.

If we focus on electrification, with the STLA Large we can make electric cars with 400 and 800 volt technology. Configurations are also offered front, rear or all-wheel drive; something that is possible thanks to modules that integrate the motor, the power inverter and the gear reduction. There is talk of power levels that can exceed the Stellantis V8 Hellcat (almost 800 HP) and there will be several battery options between 85 and 118 kWh. With the largest size is the one with promises 800 km of autonomy.

In the most performance models it could be close to the acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 2 seconds and fast charging will be around 4.5 kWh per minute in 800 volts. The tuning of the chassis will vary greatly between models, since the STLA Larga can be offered with different suspension modules and with very varied dimensions, always maintaining high rigidity.

Other measures of the STLA Large:

  • Total length: between 4,764 and 5,126 mm
  • Total width: between 1,897 and 2,030 mm
  • Wheelbase: between 2,870 and 3,075 mm
  • Ground clearance: between 140 and 288 mm
  • Maximum tire diameter: 858mm

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