The book that reviews the 120 years of history of the brand

From the French publisher Sophia Editions, we always receive news about interesting books related to the world of two wheels. The last one to appear in an extensive catalog is Harley-Davidson, an iconic collectionwork of Charlie Lecach and illustrated by the photographer Bernard Canonne.

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The Yankee brand celebrated 120 years of history last 2023 and is always the result of inspiration for many authors who love the world of motorcycles and especially the charm of Milwaukee frames.

This is the case of Charlie Lecach motorcycle journalist for more than thirty years. He has been editor-in-chief of several magazines and has collaborated on thirty international titles and several books.

He is also considered “the French historian of American motorcycles,” as he met and worked alongside the greatest Harley-Davidson and Indian riders between the 1930s and 1970s.

Harley-Davidson, an iconic collection: The book that reviews the brand's 120 years of history

For its part, Bernard Canonne He has been photographing cars in all their forms for more than twenty years. He works for several automobile manufacturers, magazine publishers and event organizers. He has already published several works with Sophia Éditions.

In the editorial’s own description of Harley-Davidson, an iconic collection, they comment: “Immerse yourself in one hundred and twenty years of Harley-Davidson history with a selection of iconic models from this legendary American brand. The Milwaukee Motor Company has taken many paths during its existence.”

Harley-Davidson, an iconic collection: The book that reviews the brand's 120 years of history

And they continue: “To discover this typical Harley-Davidson eclecticism, find a selection of thirteen essential models from the legendary Borie collection. This Harley-Davidson dealership, currently established in Villiers-sur-Marne, is the oldest in France. It was founded by Pierre Borie in 1946 (the Knucklehead vintage) and is run by a team of enthusiasts.”

Main features of the book Harley-Davidson, an iconic collection

  • Number of pages: 160
  • Publication date: 11/21/2023
  • Author: Charlie Lecach
  • Photographer(s): Bernard Canonne
  • EAN 13: 9782385140427
  • Publishing brand: Sophia Éditions
  • Format: 240X290 mm

Harley-Davidson, an iconic collection: The book that reviews the brand's 120 years of history

The book Harley-Davidson, an iconic collectioncosts 39 euros and is published in French. For more information or to get this work illustrating the history of the American brand, you can access the official Sophia Éditions website.

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