The brand tests the Offroad qualities of two of its star models

KTM continues to create new initiatives, like this KTM Trail Team, where the brand’s Ready To Race motto is printed on every driving experience. Under this philosophy, it has national and international events where fans enjoy every minute at the controls of their mounts to the fullest.

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KTM Trail Team 2024 in detail

As reported by the brand, a series of chosen drivers will participate in the Trail category in different Enduro and Raid competitions to demonstrate the sporting qualities of the KTM 890 Adventure R and KTM 690 Enduro R models.

Under this idea, the KTM Trail Teama team made up of two production motorcycles from the Travel model range, which will be put in the hands of first riders in a series of races that include the Trail category.

KTM Trail Team: The brand tests the Offroad qualities of two of its star models

The growing popularity of this category in popular events such as the EnduRoc or the Bassella Race has inspired the Austrian brand to try to demonstrate the sporting qualities and resistance of its machines with the initiative KTM Trail Team.

This team will be led by the sports director Xavi Galindo, who already made his debut in the EnduRoc on the handlebars of a KTM 890 Adventure R, obtaining victory in his category. This initiative will also be accompanied by a series of activities.

KTM Trail Team: The brand tests the Offroad qualities of two of its star models

All of them with the objective of promote offroad use of these models among users and fans, with driving courses, participation in different events, presence on social networks, etc.

The next participation of KTM Trail Team It will be on the occasion of the Bassella Race, the weekend from February 16 to 18 in Bassella (Lleida) with the already confirmed presence of Jordi Quer at the controls of an 890 Adventure R.

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