The car worth over a million that should not be driven by its owners right now

He Porsche Carrera GT It has been the dream car of many people. The supercar with which the brand surprised shortly after the turn of the century was an ode to the V10 engine that managed to be the fastest of the time. It reached 330 km/h thanks to its 612 HP of power and also boasted exclusivity. That 1,270 units were made in its three years of production is one of the reasons why it is currently a vehicle that far exceeds one million euros every time it goes up for auction.

However, a problem has caused that right now should not be driven by its owners. That is the recommendation that came to many Carrera GT owners in April 2023 and, a few months later, they still have no solution and cannot enjoy their mounts. Apparently, the copies produced between August 29, 2003 and May 6, 2006 They could have damage to the suspension ball joints produced by corrosion. The passage of time can cause failures in this element and increases the risk of accident.

The fact is that it is an alert that has been sent through Safety Gate in the European Union and also through the NHTSA in the United States, which still no solution by the brand. There is a recommendation to go to the dealer to evaluate the suspension and if there is damage it should not be driven until the affected parts have been repaired. However, there seem to be problems with the distribution and the parts may not reach the third quarter of 2024. At that time a completely free repair will be made, but it is a long time for a recall.

The brand claims that no incidents have been reported related to this problem and that they are working to solve it as soon as possible. Some clients have also discussed some issues with their insurers. Since it is a recommendation, they can continue driving their Porsche Carrera GT if they want, even though it is not ideal. But since it is a recall and a security problem, insurance would not cover the damage In case of an accident. In any case, we hope that all the vehicles receive their tune-up so that each jewel does not have to be stopped for any longer or relegated to being seven-figure paperweights.

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