The craziest and wildest trip you can take in Europe

There are many legends about the mythical Cannoballs, but the best known are the car ones. However, there is one for motorcycles and in Europe: The Cannonball Bike Run.

If your thing is to ride in a group, have fun and get to know new places, perhaps you would welcome getting into a “sarao” like the Cannonball Bike Run. You may not have heard of it, but it has been held in Europe for 20 years and this year’s edition promises more strong emotions.

These types of events, which have always been shrouded in an aura of mystery, especially those related to cars, have nothing to do with competition or open road racing (at least in Europe and officially). In fact, it is something that the organizers themselves want to make clear, and that is that the purpose of the Cannonball Bike Run is to have fun on the bike and when you get off…

So much so that the 8-day trip, which will cover 3,300 kilometers through Europe until reaching Istanbul, is only a small part. Because the other part is the parties, dinners and accommodations.

Cannonball Bike Run or how to live 8 days of motorcycles and fun

This year the Cannonball Bike Run will start in the Czech Republic, specifically in Brno on June 28. There, on the legendary Czech track, those who wish will be able to ride, although the big part will come at night with the opening event, which will be when everything officially starts.

From there and after receiving the roadbook, the participants will have seven days ahead of them heading southeast towards the Bosphorus Strait to end up arriving in Istanbul. Those who achieve it will not only have left more than 3,300 kilometers behind them, but will also have completed the longest Cannonball Bike Run in history.

The party is part of the event and wherever they have gone, Spain included, they have given everything

If you are thinking about registering you can do so on the organizer’s website. The price is set at 2,140 euros and includes accommodation, meals, technical support, luggage transportation and many other things. What it does not include is the motorcycle, the gasoline and the desire, you will have to provide those.

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