The DGT buys 15 radars: almost 80,000 euros each (and they pay for themselves)

It is clear that one of the main priorities of the DGT is fight against speeding. In fact, it is what they are currently pursuing the most through a good number of radars of all types. The purchase of 300 radars was announced some time ago, but it seems that things are not going to stop there. The acquisition of another 150 cinemometers to be executed in the next three years has been confirmed. It has already been published purchase of the first 15 radars in the BOE and the truth is that it has raised some controversy.

The total amount of these radars amounts to 1.2 million euros and that has led us to do the math. They cost a little less than 80,000 euros each unit, specifically at a price of 78,650 euros by cinemometer. In the previous purchase made by the DGT of the aforementioned 300 radars, 17.5 million euros were disbursed. So it seems that these devices also increase their price, since the previous ones cost an average of 58,333 euros, around 20,000 euros lower.

This extra price may be due to technology, since these radars are portable ones that can used both statically and dynamically, fixed on a tripod or on board a Civil Guard vehicle. It is also worth highlighting its capacity to cover up to six traffic lanes (in both directions) or to be able to classify vehicles between light and heavy (distinguishing the different permitted speeds). With this purchase they want to continue reducing accident figures and will serve to replace those dynamic cinemometers that have “become inoperative due to obsolescence or breakdowns.”

On the other hand, of the 150 that are going to be purchased in the next three years, it is said that 90 of them will be section, which are the most effective according to the authorities. On the other hand, it has also been said that 80% will be located on conventional roads, which are the ones that concentrate the majority of accidents. They will join the more than 400 devices that the DGT currently has, since there are around 355 fixed radars and 64 section radars, to which another 325 mobile radars should be added operated by agents of the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard.

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