The FIM announces the end of Non Stop for the 2024 TrialGP World Championship

The International Motorcycle Federation has confirmed the end of Non Stop in the TrialGP World Championship for this 2024 season. It was something that had been requested for a long time and, finally, the entity’s Trial Commission has relented. In this way, from now on, stops and backtracking will be permitted in time-limited areas.

Although the FIM imposed this rule in its regulations a decade ago, the Royal Spanish Motorcycle Federation and its Trial Commission have always defended the Stop and have done so year after year. In fact, with its decision, the RFME dragged along other national Federations that also did not follow the Non Stop of the World Cup.

Nobody has the slightest doubt that the best drivers in this discipline are Spanish and that in the Spanish Championship they did not carry out this international standard was very revealing.

More spectacle and dynamism without Non Stop

For many years the International Motorcycle Federation has defended the Non Stop with the aim of giving trial an image that is more natural and closer to its origins, but now, after consulting with pilots, brands and National Federations, it has come to the conclusion that the best thing is to withdraw this controversial rule.

The FIM announces the end of Non Stop for the 2024 TrialGP World Championship

Because for the zone judges it was a real problem to know or decide if a stop meant a 5 or not. The FIM’s idea now is that the TrialGP World Championship is more spectacular and that the fans have more fun at the races.

According to the International Federation: “The majority of the constructors and a certain number of drivers have expressed their desire to have as much ‘freedom’ as possible to express their enormous technical capabilities in the areas with the main objective of giving a spectacle.”

The FIM announces the end of Non Stop for the 2024 TrialGP World Championship

And continues: “To this end, the FIM has decided that its TrialGP organizations will focus primarily on the visibility and quality of the spectacle offered. Other measures such as accelerating the pace of the race, separating certain classes and other decisions to come, which will lead to greater dynamism of events, will go in this direction.

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