The Honda Safety Institute renews its European Training Quality Seal

In 2018, the Honda Safety Institute became the first and only motorcyclist training center in Spain to receive the European Quality Seala recognition granted by the German Road Safety Council (DVR) that certifies, at European level, the best post-license training programs for motorcyclists.

The initiative has the support of the Association of European Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) and the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM). After the five years of validity stipulated for this certificate, the HIS has once again successfully passed the audit carried out at the end of last year by the road safety technicians of DVR, a German entity of great relevance in this field.

The Honda Safety Institute, a benchmark in training and road safety

After an exhaustive audit, the “advanced level” motorcycle course has obtained a new certification that recognizes its high training quality and grants it validity for a new period of 5 years.

In turn, the facilities of the Honda Safety Institute They have also been worthy of the highest possible rating, obtaining the 5 stars reserved for the most complete, safe and innovative training centers at European level.

The audit focuses on two main aspects, training quality and facilities. As for the first, the level of theoretical-practical content, the training materials, as well as the qualifications and experience of the trainers are assessed. Other aspects such as processes, proper management of personal data and protocols in case of accident or emergency are also part of the evaluation.

In terms of facilities, theoretical and practical training spaces are valued, as well as security elements. The motorcycles and protective equipment of the participants also deserve attention in order to minimize the risks and consequences in the event of an accident.

With all this, the main objective of the European Quality Seal is to help motorcyclists identify in a clear and simple way the high-quality post-license training programs existing in Europe.

This is a voluntary certification project launched in 2015 by DVR with the support of ACEM and the FIM. Since its creation, 36 programs have been certified in a total of 11 countries, with the Honda Safety Institute the first and only motorcyclist training center to obtain such certification.

The Honda Safety Institute renews its European Training Quality Seal

He Honda Safety Institute It has 20,000 m² of circuits and facilities, with classrooms for theoretical sessions, driving simulators, a training workshop, and a garage that houses more than 50 motorcycles of different models to satisfy the training needs according to the typology of the users.

The center has three training tracks: a multipurpose track of 8,000 m²; an off-road area of ​​6,000 m²; and a sliding track equipped with an irrigation system in which various braking exercises are carried out with motorcycles conveniently adapted with stabilizers.

The Honda Safety Institute renews its European Training Quality Seal

It should be noted that the facilities are adapted to minimize the ecological impact, by having a full LED lighting system and a rainwater tank with a capacity of more than 300,000 liters. Rainwater is used to irrigate the sliding track and for different activities on the off-road track.

He Honda Safety Institute offers a wide range of courses available to any motorcyclist profile regardless of age, license or level of experience. Its training program includes a total of 12 courses designed to meet the needs of all types of users: from 6-year-old children to the most adult and experienced.

The Honda Safety Institute renews its European Training Quality Seal

He Honda Safety Institute and motorcyclist training activities are part of the Honda 2050 objective, the year in which the brand aims to achieve “0” deaths related to traffic accidents involving Honda vehicles.

Statements Albert CaveroCommunication Director of Honda Motor Europe in Spain and Portugal: “The main objective of Honda Safety Institute It has always been the quality of training. Although it is true that we have exceeded 25,000 participants and that the average of their evaluations exceeds 9.5 points, our goal is to achieve continuous improvement.”

The Honda Safety Institute renews its European Training Quality Seal

And concludes: “The fact of obtaining the highest certification, both in facilities and in training, from an entity like DVR makes us especially proud, since its level of demand has forced us to improve ourselves and improve in aspects in which the main beneficiaries will be the participants of our courses.”

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