The K-Racer-X2 is a drone that lifts 200 kg using the 310 HP Ninja H2R motor

In the last stages of 2022 we learned about a very interesting project that Kawasaki was working on: K-Racer X1: a drone with the H2R engine. He has now presented the K-Racer X2 as an evolution of the first and in which the Japanese firm has improved some of the essential aspects that make it up.

What has not changed is the engine it uses, the powerful Kawasaki H2R engine. We are talking about the well-known in-line tetracylindrical 998cc that it manages to offer 310 HP of power at 14,000 rpm. The maximum engine torque rises to 165 Nm at 12,500 rpm. However, this K-Racer X2 It is capable of lifting a 200-kilogram package using a 15-meter cable.

The mission of this drone has not changed compared to that of its predecessors: Transport merchandise without the need for a driver or pilot, from any location. This includes remote or hard-to-reach locations. As the brand itself explains in a recently issued statement:

“Despite declining transportation capacity in Japan’s mountainous regions due to reduced workforce and other factors, demand is strong for deliveries to mountain lodges, as well as for the maintenance and renovation of various infrastructure. public in these areas.”

And continues: “As a result, mountainous regions risk not being able to maintain the balance between supply and demand. In this context, there is a demand for new distribution services to meet transport-related demand, as well as safe distribution networks to work in dangerous and hostile locations and in the event of natural disasters.”

Kawasaki K-Racer X2: Significant improvements at all levels.

In order to offer better benefits, the K-Racer X2 employ now new 7 meter bladespreviously 5. This allows him, in addition to being able to lift 200 kilos from the ground, to transport up to 100 kilograms at 3,100 meters high and meanwhile 100 kilometers away.

The statement ends by clarifying: “Kawasaki will conduct verification testing of an automated loading and unloading system that does not require human workers to establish a seamless connection. Transport services load. Additionally, the company will devote greater efforts to developing a mass production version of the K-Racer X2”.

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