The legendary television program restores a Honda Dax 125

“Wheeler Dealers”, the well-known British car restoration show, has tried its luck in its latest episode with a two-wheeled project: A honda dax. The bike is mechanically fine, but Mike Brewer’s current partner, Marc “Elvis” Priestley, will have to work on it aesthetically.

As we all know, “Jewels on wheels”the name that the program adopted in our country from its beginnings, restores the engine to its old glories and then tries to make a profit after the completion of each project and its subsequent sale.

The legendary television program has been delighting us with this type of work since October 2003, generally cars or vans. However, in the last episode of this long-running series, Mike bought a honda dax with obvious signs of deterioration due to age. As always, the idea is to renew all those elements that need to be replaced and then put it up for sale.

Currently, Marc “Elvis” Priestley is the trusted mechanic who handles this task. Before him, the well-known Edward John “Edd” China, Ant Anstead and Paul Brackley passed through the program, although the latter only appeared on sporadic occasions when Edd needed help to replace a heavy or bulky piece.

For just over a year, it has been Priestley who has teamed up with good old Mike to carry out each project and on this occasion, with a genuine Honda Dax involved, Marc puts everything into his efforts to leave it in top condition.

The Honda Dax shines again as before

Priestley begins by completely dismantling the honda dax, to later paint the chassis and body parts in a beautiful cherry red. As we can see initially, the fun Japanese frame looked an unattractive blue. The seat upholstery is also replaced.

"Jewelry on wheels" goes to motorcycles: The legendary television program restores a Honda Dax

Marc comes to his Morris Minor truck to a local upholsterer who opts for a denim fabric to renew the finishes of the seat. He even sews a small pocket to carry small objects. Other elements such as the wheels also go through painting and the rest of the components are treated to recover the lost shine.

Once assembled, it is Mike who must be in charge of finding a new owner for this beautiful Honda Dax. To do this, he goes to a local fair selling classic vehicles and spare parts and as expected, very soon someone becomes interested in the iconic Japanese mount. After a tug of war, Brewer agrees on a sale price with the interested party, managing, as always, to obtain a small profit.

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