The motorcycle sector continues to boom in this past 2023

ANESDOR today at a press conference the data corresponding to the end of the year 2023. The motorcycle sector and light vehicles in Spain recorded the best since 2008 (309,710 units.).

A total of 225,440 unitswhich means 11.4% more than in 2022. These figures place the sector at a penetration rate in the automotive industry of 16.6%, a figure that has grown 5 points in the last five years.

The motorcycle sector in constant growth

Motorcycles are the ones that obtained the best data with 199,210 registrations (+13.4%). By cylinder capacity, motorcycles with more than 750 cc are the ones that experienced the greatest percentage growth (+24.1%), followed by those with a cylinder capacity of 126 to 750 cc (+18.2%), with motorcycles up to 125 cc those with the lowest growth (+11.1%).

By segment, the scooter, with 110,467 units and a growth of +14.3%, continues to be the most popular motorcycle within the motorcycle sector, accounting for 55.5% of total sales. The private channel is the dominant one, with a total of 169,178 units, 84.9% of the total. Mopeds recorded a drop of -6.54%, with a total of 14,701 units sold.

The rest of the L category vehicles closed the year positively, with tricycles registering the greatest growth (+13.3%) with 3,986 units. Microcars grew by +1.4% (3,511 units) and Quads/ATVs, +0.8% (4,122 units). With these data, the total fleet of motorcycles and light vehicles in our country now amounts to 5,978,888 vehicles.

Regarding motorcycles and light electric vehicles, 2023 was the first year (except 2020 due to COVID) in which negative data was recorded, with a drop of -13.0% and a total of 14,930 units. 6.6% of the total market.

The motorcycle sector continues to boom in this past 2023

Some measures announced by the DGT, ineffective and harmful to the motorcycle sector

Accident figures have always worried motorcycle sector. Proof of this is the commitment and investment that companies make to implement new technologies and automation in new vehicles; as well as the different proposals regarding security that ANESDOR has presented to the DGT on numerous occasions.

Within the package of measures proposed by Minister Grande-Marlaska, the elimination of the B/A1 equivalence is the most worrying. It is ineffective, and also has important impacts not only for the motorcycle sector.but for society as a whole, since it would severely harm the new mobility.

José María Riañosecretary general of ANESDOR: “We end 2023 with the best data since 2008. Good news not only for the sector but for mobility in our country due to all the advantages that motorcycles provide.”

The motorcycle sector continues to boom in this past 2023

And continues: «And we start 2024 concerned with the measures announced by the Minister of the Interior. “We are the first interested in reducing the accident rate, but we believe that some of these measures will not help to improve and will harm the economy and new mobility.”

Concludes: «The motorcycle has already proven to be of special importance in the new mobility, users have given a good account of this. Now we just need the Government and different administrations to give the motorcycle the importance it deserves and take it more into account in their policies and plans in all areas. Motorcycles, neither bikes nor cars, have uniqueness and require particular attention.

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