The MT-10 is very aggressive, but with 260 HP it is a special beast for the turbo-deranged (video)

Yamaha’s MT family is one of the most attractive and successful naked ranges on the market. The “Master of Torque” have earned their place for their performance and their sharp, street aesthetics that leave no one indifferent. Furthermore, in the case of the Yamaha MT-10, the most powerful of all, its engine is capable of offering the user spectacular 165.9 HP for 212 kg.

Therefore, we can summarize any MT-10 as a machine that you can enjoy a lot and, of course, go very fast. But those figures may not have been enough for Cassy Gkyde, who decided to prepare an MT-10 thoroughly to achieve an impressive 260 HP.

Trial and error, this is how this Yamaha MT-10 with turbo was born

For this, the owner originally decided to install a turbo, but surprise! Things did not go as expected, and the design incorporating the turbo generated overheating problems for the engine. These problems reached such a point that when the people at Purpouse Built Moto opened the engine, they found the pistons with holes and other symptoms that suggested the urgency of improving the preparation.

So with what they learned from this first attempt they got to work. The first thing, obviously, was to repair the parts that were damaged. But from there they improved internal parts, revised the designs of the cooling tubes, changed the compression configuration, put in new air intakes, air filter and even worried that the bike could be perfectly legal to circulate. down the street

The final result is impressive. Instead of 12:1 compression, considered excessive for a supercharged engine, it is now 9.5:1. And now comes the final result and that is that with DB killer the maximum power is 230 HP, but by removing it another 30 HP is gained to reach 260.

That is, on the street, completely legal, this beast of the night would be more powerful than any sports car. Spectacular!

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