The Navarra Circuit is preparing for a spectacular remodeling

A little over a year ago, MotorSport Vision took over ownership of the Navarra Circuit. The British company, owner of legendary tracks such as Brands Hatch or Dontington Park among others, saw business where until now there had only been debts. After more than 10 years in which losses worth 28 million borne by the Foral Community of Navarra had accumulated, MSV was willing to take the helm of a ship that seemed to be sinking.

The British company’s project was hopeful for the route, as it included the resurfacing that was already beginning to be urgent in some parts of the circuit. However, they have just announced that this resurfacing is going to go much further and that the Navarra Circuit is going to undergo a major remodeling in two phases during 2024 to take a leap in quality.

The remodeling project is ambitious but, in addition, MSV has taken into account the competition calendars and the times of greatest use to try to ensure that these improvements affect the agenda as little as possible. That is the reason why it will be carried out in two phases, the first of which is already underway and will conclude by mid-March. The second phase will start in June and end at the end of August, a time when they estimate that activity is less than in spring and autumn.

The reforms of the Navarra Circuit

As we said, the first phase is already underway and this includes the resurfacing of critical areas in relation to the potholes that have been appearing. From before the finish line to turn two and from before turn five to turn seven.

Also in that space that goes from turn five to seven you will see how turn six is ​​modified, which will now be faster. This will also entail a change in the escape and drainage area, which will also be improved in other parts of the circuit.

Already in the second phase the moment of great change of the route will come and it will go from the current 3.9 kilometers to 4.3. To do this, the second part of the circuit will undergo a major modification with a new straight after turn 10 which will then be followed by a section of fluid and fast curves, ending the current slowest part.

The work has already begun

To all this we must add the installation of EM light signaling panels, in addition to the improvement of closed circuit television. With all these changes, the Navarra Circuit will be able to take a step forward that contrasts greatly with the decline that, on the other hand, we are experiencing in other circuits in Spain.

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