The new Segways are far from being bikes, but close to revolutionizing urban mobility

Bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, fashion options that attract the preferences especially of the youngest. In this line of light and low consumption VMPs, The new Segways are beginning to set the trend.

Many observers consider Segway electric bicycles to be very close to motorcycles. Recently, the brand has presented its latest generation models: Xafari and Xyber. Segway is taking on this trend, that of designing models that differ from the traditional ones.

As we will see, In its new models Segway is committed to technology. The brand has always been characterized by innovative technology that has become an identity feature.

Apple’s Find My artificial intelligence stands out in the new devices. The well-known news site insideevs explains that, among other advantages, through this technology the vehicle is integrated into the network of your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer. Thanks to this connection, the vehicle is located in real time on the digital device.

New Segway models

Segway’s future highlights: Xafary and Xyber

What are their characteristics? We analyze it below:

It is a comfortable and safe vehicle. It has front and rear suspension and has an ergonomic design that adapts to the user’s characteristics. It is especially suitable for exploring unknown territories and paths.

Powered by a powerful 750W hub motorwith three-inch wide rubber wheels, is an all-terrain vehicle suitable for urban roads and uneven roads.

Among its technological properties, we must highlight the automatic adaptation of the engine to road conditions and driver movements. It has an anti-theft system, with GPS tracking and alarms, as well as a screen with trip statistics information. Let’s not forget your health monitoring devices and applications, this is always an important issue.

An extraordinary VMP ideal for adventurers and people who make vehicular circulation an important part of their lives.

New Segway models

The Xyber is a higher condition model than the Xafary. With an imposing and stylized aesthetic, In power and displacement it is very close to motorcycles.

How does this model’s superiority show? First of all, we highlight the motor potential, which has not yet been specified, but is announced to be able to go from 0 to 30 km/h in 2.5 seconds. The autonomy will be determined by the 150 km duration of the 2,440 v/h battery. Other interesting details with the comfort of the long saddle and a practical double crown fork.

In technology it has the same resources as Xafary.

Some characteristics of Segway models

Although specific features may vary by model, there are traits common to these vehicles. Among them are self-balance, that is, the ability to maintain balance for the user. In this sense, it They use gyroscopes and sensorsto detect changes in the center of gravity and adjust the position to maintain balance.

Other aspects must also be highlighted, such as the handlebars or steering levers, where Users hold on to a handlebar with which they control the direction.n. In the electric motor, the power may vary depending on the model. Regarding power, Segways are powered by rechargeable batteries.

Segway’s new Xafary and Xyber models are not yet on the market. Everything seems to indicate that before the end of the year they will begin to be marketed in the United States.

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