The new Verge TS Ultra is the most advanced electric vehicle you can buy, with features and technology at another level

Recently, we talked to you about everything that CES 2024 would have in store for us. Brands like Verge have traveled to the renowned technological event with their latest evolution of the TS Ultra, undoubtedly a benchmark when we talk about high-performance electric motorcycles.

But it not only stands out in terms of performance, despite offering 201 HP of power and 1,200 Nm of maximum torque. It also does so in the technological section, where it incorporates the latest advances in the matter and also makes use of artificial intelligence for their management.

Verge TS Ultra 2024: Even more technological

As explained Marko Lehtimäkiexecutive director of the brand, in reference to the TS Ultra to the colleagues of Ride Apart: “Verge is developing the world’s most advanced electric superbikes that focus on the riding experience.”

And continues: “We don’t want to give in on that. “Starmatter Dash provides an intuitive, visual interface that gives the rider a clear, real-time view of the bike’s features and status at a glance.”

To do this, the brand has installed in its TS Ultra nothing less than six vision cameras next to a radar system composed of separate units, front and rear respectively.

All of this has a notable impact on aspects as essential as security. The TS Ultra It offers us adaptive cruise control, lane change assistance or possible forward collision warning.

If we apply the advertising slogan of “Power without control is useless”to the enormous amount of technological elements that the TS Ultrawe can rest assured in this regard, since the Finnish brand has worked hard to ensure that this is fulfilled unilaterally.

Let us also remember that the TS Ultra announces a record recharge time, with e80% of it in just 25 minutes, if we use a fast charger. This translates into 275 km maximum autonomyso it is likely that we are talking about the new queen of the category.

The new Verge TS Ultra displays its technological arsenal at CES 2024

As the brand itself explains on its social networks and looking to 2024: “Verge Motorcycles announces significant improvements to our flagship model, the Verge TS Ultra. “We have improved both – the hardware and software of our electric superbike, making it the first in the world to feature a ‘sense of sight’ through advanced cameras and radars using artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

Keep going: “The integration of six high-resolution cameras and radars in both the front and rear empowers the motorcycle with a new level of environmental awareness. “This advancement is a critical component of our Starmatter software and intelligence.”

And concludes: “The Verge TS Ultra now also features updated displays. The screen on top of the tank is larger than before, making it easier to use. “The Starmatter Dash view revolutionizes the way the rider interacts with the bike.”

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