The NX2 is an electric scooter that has 20 HP, but can be taken with the A1. Howoooo?

Within the electrical segment we have companies such as Next Electric Motors, which has just announced the start of marketing what until now has been positioned as the brand’s flagship, the NX2.

A sporty scooter, equivalent to a standard 125, that stands out for offering really interesting features and clearly superior to its gasoline counterparts.

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Next NX2 in detail

This Next NX2known in his native China as Okla Ovega S02, arrives to try to put rivals at the level of the Silence S01 on the ropes. Among other things because the brand announces a maximum power of 15 KW, 20.1 HPwith a nominal power of 10 KW.

Furthermore, the Next NX2 declares a maximum speed of 130km/h and one final autonomy of 125 km. It also has a fixed 120 Ah battery and a 8.64 kWh capacitywhich can be recharged using a type 2 connector, compatible with AC chargers, allowing for faster and more efficient charging.

The Valencian brand Next begins the distribution of the NX2, its high-performance electric scooter

Power is transferred from its centrally positioned electric motor to the rear wheel via a toothed belt. Likewise, at the cycle part level, the NX2 has a double disc brakeone per axle, assisted by ABS, along with a suspension system equipped with a conventional front fork and a central shock absorber at the rear.

Other notable details of the NX2 are, for example, having ample space under the seat, LED lighting, cruise and reverse control. Also included, within the standard equipment, is an instrument panel with TFT full color screen.

The Valencian brand Next begins the distribution of the NX2, its high-performance electric scooter

With an initial price that starts from 6,999, the NX2 becomes one of the strongest rivals to be taken into account by the competition. The good relationship between performance, price and equipment, together with its attractive aesthetics, will surely win it over among the most undecided.

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