The obstacles that the Tesla Cybertruck should overcome to reach Europe

The history of Tesla Cybertruck is having some comings and goings. Although the American firm’s pick-up was presented in 2019, its arrival on the market is taking longer than expected. They are now arriving in the United States with their peculiarities and still without knowing anything about a possible landing in Europe. If they had that goal, they would have to change quite a few things, overcome a series of obstacles in order to homologate the vehicle on this side of the ocean.

The regulations are very different between the American and European markets, which means that the Cybertruck that accepts orders there from $61,000 would not be ready to be sold here. The main reason that was said from the beginning would be security. The sharp design of this model makes it more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists in the event of a collision. In fact, that his body is made of stainless steel It would also be a problem. In other cars made of conventional sheet steel there is a high level of deformation to absorb impacts.

This more rigid body of the Tesla Cybertruck could be a problem because of the damage that could be caused to the head and legs of pedestrians in EuroNCAP tests. The truth is that it could be adapted to the European market by installing a folding hood that could pop off in the event of an impact, in addition to changing front panels stainless steel with more normal ones. Although of course, it is also true that we are talking about theory, since until the moment of carrying out real tests the needs cannot be known with certainty.

There is also talk that the Tesla Cybertrucks that are manufactured in the United States have a NAC charging standard, which is unique there. I would be incompatible with CCS network that there are in Europe and that would also require the brand to modify the charging port of the model. We imagine that it would be something simple if they wanted to market the model here. There is still time, since the arrival on the roads of this model is expected to begin next year 2025.

In any case, there would be another problem in Europe and in countries like ours. And the Tesla Cybertruck has a weight exceeding 3.5 tonsthe figure that means that it cannot be driven with a conventional type B driving license. We do not know if lighter versions of the model are proposed, with a single motor or with a lighter battery, but if it remains that way it would force the users who would like to drive it to obtain the C permit. With that you could drive vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons.

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