The perfect collection of Old School Superbikes for the street exists and today we show it to you

All of us who love sports shoes from yesteryear dream of having the collection of Old School Superbikes definitive. The one in which myths of two wheels, from the 80s and 90s, make us smile just by having them in front of us and being able to contemplate them every morning

Damon, the protagonist of this little journey, is one of us, which is why he has been trying for many years to get his hands on the most iconic sports frames from the end of the last century.

Now, from the YouTube channel of Sinner Garage We have the privilege of being able to contemplate the incredible collection of Old School Superbikesapproved for street use, which he keeps in his private home.

This collection of Old School Superbikes features the most iconic models from the most important brands

It’s like entering Ali Baba’s cave and finding that long-awaited treasure that you’ve been looking for for so long. Basically, because it is not easy to admire frames of the caliber of the Honda RC30 and RC45 in the same room. Also paths Ducati 851 and 916as well as others even more scarce, such as a Kawasaki ZX-7RR or ZXR750 in its K variant, with SBK specifications.

This is just the beginning, because alongside them a parade of models continues, in the form of Old School Superbikes, which only reaffirms the good taste and passion that its owner treasures. A GSXR750 Limited Edition from 1986, Honda CBR900RR Fireblade from 1992, Yamaha FZR-R 750 OW-01 or one R7 OW-02 They are also part of this collection.

But there is still more, much more, because Damon also has, among others, a Yamaha R1M of 2015 prepared to the teeth for the track. Additionally, an exotic Ducati 1199 Superleggera is also shown in the video. According to its owner, if you have a copy of 851, 888 and 916you cannot miss the brand’s latest Supertwin.

The perfect collection of Old School Superbikes for the street exists and today we show it to you

At this point in the film, more than one person must have gotten up to drink a glass of water. It is normal, because the mouth usually gets dry after having it open for so long. But there is still more, so we recommend that you continue sitting in your chair until the end of these lines, because it seems that changes are coming to the collection of this Yankee in love with the Old School Superbikes.

In a second video on the Sinner Garage channel, the friends of Iconic Motorbikes They appear with copy 131 of the exclusive Honda RC213V-S. Apparently, Damon has thought about restructuring his collection, so important news will arrive in it in the coming months.

The bad side of this story is that some of its current jewels are heading to the Iconic facilities, where in a few days they will look for a new home. Heresy or genius, it is clear that Damon will continue to enjoy his passion, although now with new toys that will gradually arrive at his private home.

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