the “predecessors” of Suzuki and Kawasaki that you can take home

Next April, more specifically on the 7th, two historical Japanese jewels will go up for auction. Yes, as you read it. A Colleda 250 TT from 1958, manufactured under the brand ‘SJK‘before the brand was adopted suzuki in 1964, plus one Meguro S-8 Junior 1963, manufactured before the company was absorbed by Kawasaki one year later.

Both will star in Shuttleworth’s spring motorcycle auction. Event that will take place, as always, at the Old Warden airfield, in Bedfordshire, England.

Colleda 250 TT 1958

The very rare Colleda 250 TT, according to the auction house, is the only known unit outside of Japan. It is equipped with the legendary 247 cc two-stroke twin-cylinder engine. By the way, it is the predecessor of the epics T20 and GT250 of suzuki. The motorcycle is also in condition “original and unrestored» and it is expected to sell between 12,000 and 14,000 pounds, that is, between 14,000 and 16,300 euros.

But let’s do a little history. Colledain Japanese: “the only”, began to produce motorcycles under the brand SJK in 1954 with the Colleda 90. They manufactured motorcycles until 1964 and then the brand changed its name to suzuki.

Colleda 250 TT 1958

As we told you before, the 250TT was largely the predecessor of the range of 250 cc two-cylinder 2-stroke motorcycles that would include the suzuki t20 and GT250. The design, as is evident from the front, reflected the Japanese fascination, in those years, for everything related to American cars and motorcycles.

This motorcycle is truly rare and all other known examples are found in Japanese museums or collections. We also know that this unit has been part of a large collection for some time, so it will need to be brought back into operation before use.

The good news is that the engine runs with good compression and, in addition, it still has the original turn signals and headlights, which are very rare by the way. Without a doubt, an authentic piece of Japanese motorcycle history.

Colleda 250 TT 1958

Meguro S-8 250 Junior 1963

The second unicorn with slanted eyes is a Meguro S-8 250 Junior from 1963. This elegant and charming motorcycle was the last model of the brand. Tell you that Meguro was one of the first Japanese motorcycle manufacturers and began production in the late 1930s.

The fusion of Meguro with Kawasaki in 1964 resulted in the creation of Kawasaki-Meguro, which later became Kawasaki Heavy Industries Motorcycle & Engine Company.

Meguro S-8 250 Junior 1963

The Meguro S-8 250 Junior It was one of the most emblematic models of Meguro. It is a 250 cc motorcycle with a four-stroke engine and a classic design, which reflected the influence of British motorcycles of the time. This motorcycle was known for its robustness and reliability.

A distinctive feature of the Meguro S-8 250 Junior It was its retro style, with a tank with the typical chrome “wings” that resembled those used in the Triumph of those years. She also had a round headlight and a dual exhaust design that gave her a classic and elegant look.

Meguro S-8 250 Junior 1963

The Meguro S-8 250 Junior It was a motorcycle appreciated for its performance and, today, it is considered a highly sought after vintage motorcycle by collectors and enthusiasts. It equipped a 2-stroke single-cylinder mechanical heart, 247 cc and around 20 HP. Its classic design was strongly influenced by British motorcycles, especially the Norton and B.S.A..

This rare specimen is also in condition «original and unrestored» and is expected to reach a price between 6,000 and 8,000 pounds sterling, that is, between 7,000 and 9,300 euros.

Mark Bryanhead of motorcycle sales at Iconic Auctioneers, stated: “These two Japanese motorcycles may not be high-value lots, but since they are super rare, I know they will attract a lot of global attention«.

Meguro S-8 250 Junior 1963

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