the problem of women’s motorcycle pants detected by MotoCAP

Every day it is easier to find motorcycle pants for women, and that is thanks to the fact that there are more and more motorcycle users both daily and on weekends. So, once again, demand caused supply to begin to grow. So much so that there are already all kinds of garments that not only offer protection, but also offer comfort and style.

But this is where things start to get complicated and that is that a study carried out by MotoCAP, in Australia, has put no more and no less than seven out of every ten pants analyzed on the ropes. That is, only 30% of them are sufficiently safe according to the tests carried out.

The pants analyzed, it must be clarified, are elastic. That is, we could compare them to leggings or leggings, which are more flexible and comfortable. No sanity or leather pants have been analyzed, only those elastic ones that stand out especially for their aesthetic part.

Well, in the friction test with the “Cambridge machine” the results were alarming, because the majority could withstand friction for half a second or less when they should have withstood a minimum of two and a half seconds.

It was also observed how the seams failed and tears occurred in a material that was not, by any means, optimal or of quality. The elastic part failed in some models much earlier than the average reached when testing all.

Women’s motorcycle pants and the deficiencies observed

According to Christopher Hurren of the Boundary Materials Institute at Deakin University: “MotoCAP tests on women’s stretch pants show that most would not provide enough protection in a crash on asphalt due to poor seam strength, lack of hip impact protection and low abrasion resistance”.

Unfortunately in Spain we do not have a MotoCAP that catalogs the protection of motorcycle clothing. But we must always ensure that the pants offer us an extra measure against abrasion at least in the hip and buttocks area, since they are the ones that are most likely to come into contact in the event of a slip.

We must also ensure that they have specific and obviously approved protections in the hips and knees area, since in the event of an impact they are the first parts with which we hit the ground.

In addition to seeking comfort, we must remember that in terms of level of protection against impacts: those with level 2 are more protective than those with level 1. In any case, it is essential to always value being protected and comfortable rather than being in the latest fashion, since the fall can be around any corner, no matter how short the journey.

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