The relationship between the miracle of the Andes and the world of motorcycles that you didn’t know

As you all already know, the tragedy of the Andes was the accident and subsequent survival of flight 571 of the Uruguayan Air Force, which occurred on Friday, October 13, 1972, when the Fairchild FH-227D, a charter flight that the day before had departed from Montevideo, Uruguay, bound for Santiago, Chile, crashed in the Andes mountain range.

The accident and subsequent survival became known as tragedy of the Andes and miracle of the Andes, respectively. And, this fact has been the objective of various film productions, as you all well know. On the one hand, the first, “Viven” (1993). And, on the other, the latest work by JA Bayona, “The Snow Society” (2023).

In the middle of this painful story, there was Fernando “Nando” Parradoborn in Montevideo on December 9, 1949, one of the 16 survivors of that fateful accident in the mountains.

The reality of the miracle of the Andes

In the reality, Fernando “Nando” ParradoAfter being trapped in the snow in the mountains with other survivors for two months, he and Roberto Canessa They climbed through the peaks without any equipment and on a journey of almost ten days, until they found help.

However, what we want to tell you, on this occasion, is not about the tragedy, miracle, details, etc. What really caught our attention was the impressive achievement of Nando after the accident in the Andes.

Neither short nor lazy, 3 years later, parrado won one of the most important motocross competitions in Uruguay, his country, “The Motocross of the Americas«.

Fernando Nando Parrado

«May 25, 1975 marked a memorable date in the history of motocross in Uruguay.“, remember parrado. «Even today, after so many decades, a race of this quality has never been seen, with South American drivers of that level and a crowd of more than 7,000 people who filled the Carrasco venue. The race was organized by the Veloz Moto Club, under the direction of Luis Modesto Soler, who introduced motocross to our country through the importation of several specialized motorcycles between 1973 and 1974. The race category was for 250 cc motorcycles. and various brands participated, including Yamaha, Suzuki, Maico, CZ, Bultaco and Honda«.

Fernando Nando Parrado

The test stood out for the difficult conditions due to heavy rain on Saturday. Our protagonist, Nando, knew how to take advantage of this situation. As he himself remembers. «Despite not having won any of the rounds, I managed to score points in all of them and beat the Chilean champion Kurt Horta by a single point. I have indelible memories of my father and my friends celebrating at the end of the race«.

Nando, keep going. «At first, my goal was to be in the top ten, which would have made me happy, but in the end I ended up winning the biggest motocross race in the country. That experience taught me valuable lessons, but the most important of all was that in any subsequent competition, whether in motor racing, motorcycling or jet skiing, I would always compete with the desire to win.«.

Fernando Nando Parrado

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