The specialist Zero and the giant Hero, hand in hand to promote an electric platform

Although we already told you about it last year, Zero Motorcycles and Hero MotoCorp They have joined forces to develop electric motorcycles. Apparently, of a total of 4 planned, the first will arrive next year.

Just remind you of the prestige of the Californians and the effective means of production of those from New Delhi. In fact, Hero is one of the manufacturers that assembles the most two-wheeled vehicles in the world and already collaborates with another prestigious Yankee brand: Harley-Davidson.

As we have been seeing for some time, it is undeniable that electric motorcycles are here to stay and, furthermore, they are marking a significant change in the industry.

Virtually all manufacturers have shown clear interest in the development of new electric platforms, and some have even joined forces in strategic collaborations. It’s nothing new either.

Zero Motorcycles

Alliances between renowned European brands with Chinese and Indian manufacturers, as you well know, is a fact. Everyone benefits from synergies. But above all, European brands take advantage of these regions’ manufacturing capabilities and their wild market potential.

For example, Triumph and KTM have maintained a long-standing collaboration with Bajaj. It seems that this partnership will also generate electric fruits in the near future. Time to time.

Although many of these collaborations begin with distribution agreements, over time they tend to deepen, involving both companies in the joint development and staging of new and interesting models.

What do we know about the agreement between Zero and Hero?

And this is precisely the case of Hero MotoCorp and Zero Motorcycles. How do we know? Thanks to some investor reports published by our Indian colleagues. Clearly, these two companies are collaborating closely to create an innovative EV platform.

Zero Motorcycles

The report of Hero MotoCorp of January 23, 2024 aimed at investors, reveals that this platform will give rise to at least four different models. Furthermore, it is planned that the collaboration will be divided into two phases.

The first stage will involve the launch of two high-performance models, both based on the same technology, but with different body designs. Then, mid-level electric motorcycles will arrive, presumably with the same engine, but optimized for quieter performance.

Zero Motorcycles

It is expected that the collaboration between hero and Zero results in motorcycles similar to those of the Americans. But, and this is the most important thing, at a much more accessible price.

According to Hero’s presentations, at least one model in each phase will be oriented towards urban driving, while the other will have a more sporty and dynamic approach, of โ€œhigh performanceโ€.

It is crucial to note that, in the context of the Indian market, the term โ€œhigh performanceยป is interpreted slightly differently compared to European markets. In India, motorcycles with engines larger than 200 cc and power outputs greater than 25 HP are considered high-performance, while in Europe, these would be considered entry-level machines.

Zero Motorcycles

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