The sport-touring tire that goes for everything

Continentalwith the Continental ContiRoad, presents a tire from the sport-touring segment that is perfect for everything. In fact, the brand highlights versatility above all its characteristics.

It is a mid-range rubber that can be used for riding around the city, traveling quietly on the road, or even perfectly suitable for giving the motorcycle a little pressure and cornering safely and dynamically.

For the occasion, the brand had several frames available for product testing in the Xtreme Challenge. On the one hand, a Triumph Street Triple R factory equipped with the Continental ContiRoad and, on the other, a pair of Tracer9 and one MT-09.

Our choice was the beautiful Yamaha MT-09 equipped with the leading tires of these lines. This motorcycle is no stranger to us, in fact, it is one of our favorites of the season. But hey, that’s another story. Let’s get back to our thing, the tires.

Details of the Continental ContiRoad

First of all, let’s break down a little the general characteristics of these Continental. First of all, clarify that we already tried them in their first presentation 3 years ago. Around these same dates we were able to ride with them on a route of more than 200 kilometers.

In fact, the tire could be tested on six different mounts: KTM 390 Duke, KTM 790 Duke, KTM 890 Duke, Yamaha MT-03, Yamaha MT-09 and Yamaha Tracer 900GT. And, of course, the feeling at that time was good, very good.

Now, after a while, we get back on a yamaha and we try them again. The first thing that stands out, as we have already mentioned insistently, is the capacity of the Continental ContiRoad to adapt to all types of uses. That is, adaptability.

The ContiRoad They are perfectly suitable and compatible for various motorcycle segments and, in addition, they are perfectly validated for mixed urban, tourism and sport use.

Thus, road conditions are not a problem for drivers. ContiRoadsince they have new silica technology that guarantees grip, micro-interlacing with wet asphalt and optimal water evacuation.

Furthermore, thanks to its Continental ZeroDegree structure, with no angles in the composition of the internal canvases of the shell, stability is beyond any doubt. Their behavior is enviable, in fact, in action they don’t look strange and they seem to be on rails.

The ContiRoad, as it could not be otherwise, have been designed and evolved in Germany by the Korbach engineering team. Among its most notable features are, apart from adaptability, road manageability, offering great agility when cornering.

Durability too, since the new rubbers have been created to provide high mileage thanks to the grooves in the central area of ​​the tread. And finally, they are mid-range tires.

That is to say, we are looking at tires that satisfy the need for an economical motorcycle tire, not “low cost”, and that offer perfect performance.

They are positioned as a more accessible alternative to the premium tire ContiRoadAttack 3, which is somewhat more expensive. So that we understand where the Continental ContiRoad in the range of Continentalleads the second line of the sport-touring segment, just behind the aforementioned ContiRoadAttack 3.

Let’s get to work at the Xtreme Challenge Madrid 2023 with the Continental ContiRoad

The start of the Xtreme Challenge He was waiting for us in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. Without any doubt, this interesting motorcycle tourism event served as a testing platform to get to know the Continental ContiRoad. The lightest route was our choice, nearly 300 km of secondary roads, highways, highways and the city challenged us.

From the beginning we noticed the benefits of the tire. Clearly, we are looking at a product designed for users in the sport-tourism segment who travel many kilometers and demand an optimal level of performance. Although it didn’t rain on us, the brand ensures optimal performance in the wet. It must be clarified that Continental He is a specialist in this regard. But, let’s continue.

The Continental ContiRoad They have a very good feeling when entering a corner and a very neutral behavior at all times. Curve after curve, you feel more and more comfortable on them. They are a neutral and versatile product, combining balance and consistency in equal parts. Clearly, these features enhance its ability to adapt to a wide range of users.

The truth is that we were somewhat strong on the route. We didn’t stop passing bikers. Be careful, always maintaining the speed limits and respecting the signs. Overtaking, in addition, was always facilitated and signaled by all participants in the race. Xtreme Challenge Madrid. A 10 in this sense.

The motorcycle and the tire were our faithful companions throughout the route. Even in the most delicate situations, although there were not too many of them (we are talking about braking, tilting and mechanical stress), the tire was noble and behaved predictably at all times.

Available measurements of the Continental ContiRoad

The Continental ContiRoad They are now available in two front sizes and seven rear sizes:

  • 110/70-17 54V
  • 120/70-17 58(W)
  • 140/70-17 66H
  • 150/60-17 66V
  • 150/70-17 69(W)
  • 160/60-17 69(W)
  • 180/55-17 73(W)
  • 190/50-17 73 (W)
  • 190/55-17 73(W)

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