The technology is not only for expensive motorcycles. The new Bosch IMUs arrive in the A2 models

Well yes, the IMUs of bosch, that is, tilt-sensitive electronic components, we are going to start seeing them much more often. Remind you that until now, complex inertial measurement units were reserved for the most dynamic or sporty motorcycles. But that is changing, and very quickly.

The company’s overall message is that bosch now has a range of MSC (Motorcycle Stability Control System) solutions offering different combinations of ABS and IMU depending on the application.

It’s true, we have naturally adopted sophisticated electronic safety aids into our lives on the motorcycle. From ABS systems that adjust to our inclinations when cornering, through efficient traction controls and even sophisticated radar-directed cruise controls.

I don’t know if it’s sad or not, but it’s definitely safer. In fact, these technologies have become part of our everyday vocabulary. And they have undoubtedly arrived not only to stay, but to grow in complexity and efficiency.

Now, the innovation leaders in this field, we talk about the powerful German company bosch, have decided to bring this cutting-edge technology to the most affordable and smaller displacement motorcycles. Sooner than we think, seeing machines with less than 400 cc equipped with IMU will be common. It’s obvious, the goal is to make life safer for all two-wheeled lovers.

Bosch MSC

We begin. India’s TVS Motor Company, who, by the way, are also the owners of the epic Norton factory, recently unveiled their dazzling streetfighter-shaped naked, the Apache RTR 310. Machine equipped with the latest version of MSC (Motorcycle Stability Control) bosch.

Thus, this motorcycle becomes the pioneer of its category, being the first to have a motorcycle stability control system backed by a 6D IMU from the Germans. That is, the most complex and efficient system.

TVS Apache RTR 310

We continue. On the other hand, the new KTM 390 Duke 2024 It also incorporates a 3D inertial measurement unit (IMU). bosch, which integrates with various functions through the company’s MSC. One more…

Geoff Liersch, the head of Bosch’s two-wheeled and powersports unit, has expressed his commitment to bringing these electronic safety aids to all motorcycles in the world, in order to make life safer. “It’s pretty simple for me. I would like to see 100% MSC systems on all motorcycles in the world. Because? Because we can save 30% of accidents”.

KTM 390 Duke 2024

What can an IMU measure?

The MSC system bosch It works by combining a motorcycle’s ABS with an inertial measurement unit to moderate braking when cornering.

The key advance of TVS is that it uses the ABS 10 base unit bosch, which is smaller, lighter and, of course, cheaper. In comparison, the new KTM RC 390 2024 equips the most basic 3D inertial measurement unit (IMU) of bosch. But what it does have is a more performance-oriented ABS system. This includes an additional pressure sensor for more precise control.

Another possible combination for machines with a smaller cubic capacity would be the mixture of a more basic and affordable MSC, in combination with the ABS 10 base unit, the 3D IMU. This combination would offer assisted cornering braking and traction control. As we are seeing, this is getting hot.

Bosch MSC

Value-added features of the Bosch MSC system

  • Brake control when cornering.
  • Traction control in corners.
  • Drag torque control in curves.
  • Launch control, with IMU.
  • Cruise control, with IMU.
  • Wheelie control.
  • Rear wheel lift control.
  • Control depending on the slope.
  • Rear wheel slip control.
  • Hill retention control.
  • Vehicle retention control.
  • Electronic combined braking system in corners.
  • Adaptive cruise control.

Bosch MSC

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