the van that does not have a motorcycle engine but an entire motorcycle inside!

We are seeing preparations for motorcycles, preparations for cars with motorcycle engines and even preparations for vans with motorcycle engines. What we are not so used to seeing are preparations like Kevin, this peculiar van with its own and very peculiar name, because it is not that it uses a motorcycle engine, it is that it has the motorcycle inside!

And yes, we are also used to seeing motorcycles inside vans. What we are not used to is that, that motorcycle that is inside the van, is the one that makes the entire van move. A total madness that has been carried out by the NightRide YouTube channel, specialists in modifying cars.

The mix is ​​as strange as it sounds and they have taken a Daihatsu Hijet minivan to completely modify it, both aesthetically and mechanically. In addition to changing the color, lowering the suspension, putting new wheels, modifying the bodywork and a few other things, they decided to add a Yamaha FZR (in this case 600) to give the whole thing a kick.

The mini van with the entire motorcycle inside is a work of art

But they came to this hybrid after rejecting the idea of ​​putting a Mazda MX-5 engine in it. The curious thing about this van is that the original engine and gearbox are in the front area, under the seat, and the Mazda one, therefore, did not fit.

They then thought about the motorcycle, but in the end instead of doing it that way they decided to leave the motorcycle inside, and use an axle like that of a kart to take the power of the motorcycle to Kevin’s tires.

To do this, they had to develop the system that would keep the bike completely anchored and, along the way, they got rid of part of the FZR’s fairing. Quite a sacrilege for the most purists.

The preparation is not over yet, because the NightRide guys are working on a thousand projects, but when they finish it, it will surely be as fun as it seems…

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