There is a Harley-Davidson with a “V4” engine, but be careful, it is not what you imagine

With the annual Mecum Auctions auction just over, we are starting to find out about the gems that have passed through there. And clearly, one of them is the Harley-Davidson V4 that we bring you on this occasion.

As we are telling you, in the Mecum auction that just ended, one of the brightest stars was this Harley-Davidson that defied all the expectations of those who came to the event. Neither more nor less than one harley prepared with two V2 engines, becoming an impressive harley V4. Who gives more?

From glorious relics of the past to the most extravagant customizations, there is always a sight to behold for devotees of the world of two wheels. Even if you think you’ve seen everything the motorcycle universe has to offer, prepare to be surprised, as there is always room for the unexpected. Also, thank goodness…

This is the Harley-Davidson V4 that Mecum Auctions auctioned

For example, this personalized custom gem. It is, evidently, a creation intended exclusively for the most fervent worshipers in the universe. harley V-Twin. But is the “bi” V-Twin engine twice as good? Whoever designed this machine thought so, since there are two hearts beating in perfect harmony that propel this rocket, which is also extremely long. By the way, the serial numbers of the two engines used are: BKLX941710 and BKLX941902.

Harley-Davidson V4 Mecum

Curiously, Mecum classifies it as a «2005 Special Build Custom» without providing too many details about its secrets. The turning radius is surprisingly wide, although its impressiveness is evident even when stopped, as in the photos. By the way, the auction announcement lacks information on the wheelbase, but whoever acquires this beauty will surely not look for its cornering skills.

As you may know, the 2024 Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction was held at the South Point Hotel and Casino from January 24-27. And, more than 2,000 motorcycles showed up on stage looking for new owners.

Harley-Davidson V4 Mecum

Let’s not forget to tell you that this year’s auction includes four other customized motorcycles.

These include a custom-built Chopper from 2007, a custom Chopper from 2000, a handcrafted Captain America replica from 2017, and a custom Softail from last year. Good mechanical jewels, yes sir.

Harley-Davidson V4 Mecum

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