They are already real beasts, but Triumph wants to take the future Rocket 3 Storm to another level

Triumph continues to give us small doses of information, making us participate in what is to come in the coming months. Among future developments, the British brand would be working on two new enhanced variants of its current mega cruiser the Rocket 3, the future Rocket 3 Storm GT and Rocket 3 Storm Ras revealed by the certification documents submitted to the Swiss registry office.

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New versions Rocket 3 Storm GT and Rocket 3 Storm R in detail

As we have learned from colleagues at Motorcycle, Triumph would be shaping these Rocket 3 Storm GT and Rocket 3 Storm R using the current versions of the model that it sells as a base. However, Hinckley’s firm would resort to the technical improvements that the special edition Rocket 3 TFC used in its day.

This exclusive version, limited to only 750 copieshad the famous three-cylinder engine resized to the 2,458cc incorporating cutting-edge details such as titanium valveswhich allow the engine to rev more easily and at a higher speed than before.

According to the certification data itself, the new Rocket 3 would be able to offer a maximum power of 179.6 HP at 7,000 rpm and 225 Nm of torque at 4,000 revolutions. The current Rocket 3 homologates 167 C of power and 221 Nm of maximum torque.

On the other hand, it is not very clear whether these Rocket 3 Storm GT and Rocket 3 Storm R They will have some additional equipment or a specific aesthetic that can distinguish them from the rest of the versions that make up the British range. The documentation provided by Triumph does not provide any information in this regard.

New Triumph Rocket 3 Storm, the enhanced versions that the British brand is preparing for 2025

Let us remember that the last time Triumph used the name Storm In some of its models it was in the 2011 season, when it applied some aesthetic and mechanical changes to the Thunderbird of the time. Since then he has not used such emblematic acronyms within the company again.

Currently, the Rocket range consists of the versions Rocket 3 R and Rocket 3 GT and in turn these are also available in the special edition Chrome Edition. With a base price that starts from 25,195 eurosthe Rocket 3 range stands out both for its high level of finish and for its complete equipment in relation to what is expected from a mount of this caliber.

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