This is how a ZBE zone for motorcycles works

Low Emission Zones, also known as ZBE, are restricted access areas in which pollution is sought to be reduced and promote more sustainable mobility. These zones have been implemented in numerous Spanish cities as part of efforts to improve air quality and contribute to the fight against climate change.

Restricted access to ZBEs for motorcycles

To understand how ZBEs work, it is important to take into account some key aspects. First of all, These zones restrict access to certain vehicles based on their emissions levels.. The most polluting vehicles, such as those that run on highly polluting fossil fuels, are prohibited from circulating within the ZBE. Instead, access to cleaner vehicles is favored, such as electric vehicles or those that meet certain emissions standards.

Furthermore, it is essential to take into account that ZBEs are usually located in urban areas with high levels of pollution. In these areas, different access restrictions are established depending on the type of vehicle and the emissions they generate.

For example, specific times can be established during which certain vehicles cannot circulate or tolls or access fees can be implemented depending on the type of vehicle. It is important to mention that these restrictions may vary depending on the city and the regulations in force at any given time.

ZBE controls for motorcycles

Therefore, it is crucial that users are informed about the specific regulations of each ZBE. To ensure compliance with these restrictions, control and surveillance systems are usually installed, such as license plate recognition cameras, which allow vehicles that access restricted areas to be identified. In case of non-compliance, financial sanctions may be applied.

Vehicles that do not meet established standards may receive fines or be turned away at the entrance. It is important to highlight that ZBEs not only aim to reduce emissions, but also encourage the use of more sustainable means of transport, such as cycling or public transport.

Area restricted to motorcycles

Regulations and organizations

With the implementation of the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law The obligation was established for Spanish municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, as well as island territories and municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants that exceed regulated pollutant levels, to create Low Emission Areas.

Therefore, public bodies must provide aid that allow these users to be an active part and key agents in this transition, such as the Moves III Plan or the Renove Plan, launched by some autonomous communities. It is important to highlight that mobility should unite us and not separate us.

If we limit the freedom of users with certain restrictions, we would be affecting social ties. Both citizens and companies must always have sustainable alternatives at their disposal to travel and deliver their products.

Motorcycle restricted area

Motorcycles in Madrid

For motorcycle users, two areas must be distinguished:

  • Special Protection Low Emission Zones (ZBEDEP), in Plaza ElĂ­ptica. You will not be able to access mopeds or motorcycles without an environmental label (label A), with some exceptions. Machines with an environmental label with B, C, 0 Emissions or ECO labels are authorized to circulate and park.
  • Special Protection Low Emission Zones (ZBEDEP), in the Central District. Access is authorized for mopeds or motorcycles with a 0 Emissions or ECO environmental label.

All this information is promoted by Neutral In Motion, an initiative that seeks to promote an unprecedented technological transformation in the automotive sector in Spain. This project brings together nine of the main associations and companies in the sector, committed to society and the environment.

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