This is how Chinese cars will arrive in Europe: in ships with capacity for 7,000 vehicles

In recent times we have been seeing the expansion of Chinese cars throughout Europe, arriving in our country a good number of new brands and models. While they are gaining sales volume, China broke its production record last year, with more than 30 million cars in 2023. Exports have also grown quite a bit, so they are seeing how to exceed their distribution capacity. Now we see some ships with capacity for 7,000 vehicles that will reach our shores shortly.

Specifically, we are talking about those that have been raised BYD for maritime transport of their cars. It is called Explorer No.1 and it is a ro-ro cargo ship that is 199.9 meters in length and has unprecedented capacity. She is part of a fleet of seven ships who will join the brand in the next two years and have already begun their first trip. It left the international logistics port of Xiaomo, in Shenzhen (China), to make the inaugural journey.

This type of ship is known as “ro-ro”, which comes from the English expression roll-on/roll-off. It refers to your ease of loading and unloading, being a kind of garage on several levels with that capacity for 7,000 cars. Furthermore, BYD announces that it has a dual propulsion system combining LNG (liquefied natural gas) and conventional fuel to be more environmentally friendly. On board, it also features energy storage battery technology and shaft-driven generators from BYD as they pursue more sustainable shipping.

The Chinese brand is in full growth, because in 2023 they managed to exceed 9 million vehicles produced and sold. Given the boom they are having, they have decided to create this fleet of boats that can make distribution cheaper, since if they did not have them they would have to hire the service from a third party. Last year they were leaders in their market, but also They exported a total of 242,765 cars with a plug (electric and plug-in hybrids) with a year-on-year growth of 334.2%. With this ship they could cover that figure in just 35 trips…

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