This is Hydrocycle, a hydrogen-powered motorcycle that could be ready by 2025

Vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells continue to be one of the fields of study on which the automotive industry is currently focusing the most. An example of this is this Hydrocyclea frame that several European entities are already working on and that could see the light of day end of 2025.

The project is led by a German-Czech consortium where the Fraunhofer Institute (IWU) is in charge of the evolution of the dynamic part, while the Czech Technical Universitywith a lot of experience in this field, is developing the cycle part and the rest of the components that would make up the Hydrocycle.

Finally, we have the German company WätaSwärmetauscher Sachsen GmbH in charge of designing a hydrogen fuel cell as the basis for the propulsion system itself, as pointed out by the Danish media Harley Site.

Hydrocycle could be ready in just two years

The most interesting thing about this project is that the team assures that it will have a concept ready to be presented before the end of next year 2025. As we already know, the biggest problem that this new technology powered by hydrogen faces is precisely the complicated method. that is needed to process this chemical element.

Hydrocycle, the hydrogen-powered motorcycle that could be ready by 2025

As we have already talked about previously, just like the Hydrocycle, many brands in the sector are already working at full capacity to include this type of systems in their new ranges of vehicles. some like Sling They have even started the production of green hydrogen on our continent.

With the aim of achieving total neutrality in CO₂ emissions in Europe by 2050, dynamic options that involve the use of hydrogen to power electric and even thermal propulsion in the future, have become one of the most interesting alternatives within of the sector.

Hydrocycle, the hydrogen-powered motorcycle that could be ready by 2025

With the arrival of innovative projects such as Hydrocycle This theory is gaining strength, even more so when those responsible for it assure that this propulsion system will not only be used in its future mount. It will also be used as a source of energy in other segments of the automotive industry.

At the moment there are not many details offered by the ideologues of the Hydrocyclealthough it is likely that in the coming months they will expand information about it, offering us a more detailed vision of what we can expect from this ambitious project.

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