This is the new challenge that Valentino Rossi faces: the VR46 Agency

When we talk about Valentino Rossi, the first thing that comes to mind is his incredible career as a professional driver, in which he has won everything he could win until he became a legend. Obviously, we also think of the iconic Valentino Rossi, who has changed the general public’s perception of motorcycling.

But, in addition to his personal life, there is another facet of Valentino Rossi that is as important or more and that is practically overlooked, and it is none other than that of a successful businessman. Many years ago he launched VR46 Apparel and it became a money-making machine with his and many other drivers’ merchandising.

He then created the VR46 Academy and its competition teams, and the results speak for themselves with Pecco Bagnaia, Luca Marini and Franco Morbidelli among others. And now, retired from racing, he has started the VR46 Agency, a company dedicated to marketing and finding sponsors for racing teams.

The VR46 Agency was born a few months ago and has already obtained new sponsorships

The agency deals with the search for sponsors and commercial partners, but is also a marketing consultancy in sports and market analysis. As in all the businesses that Valentino has undertaken, he has surrounded himself with his hard core and on this occasion, it is Gianluca Falcioni who occupies the position of CEO after working at the VR46 Academy.

In MotoGP the VR46 is consolidating

This new challenge for Rossi was born a few months ago, but it is already public that he has closed some important sponsorship deals. One of them is the one that unites Pertamina with the VR46 team itself.

There is no doubt that Valentino’s competitive spirit has not been lost, seeking to scratch every euro as before with every thousandth on the track. At the end of the day, getting a commission for bringing a sponsor to your own team is a masterstroke. Or not?

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