This is the regulation for electric scooters that you will have to comply with to avoid being fined

Recently, the DGT has launched a regulation that tries to regulate the so-called Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP), which mainly affects electric scooters. Below, we present the main news.

Regulations for electric scooters


If your scooter is not yet approved, you should know that you need an approval certificate, which in turn is reflected on a license plate or similar on the vehicle. You can continue with your unapproved machine until the beginning of 2027. For new VMPs, all scooters sold after January 22 of this year must have the corresponding certificate.


The helmet is essential to guarantee the safety of the userand the absence of this element can lead to a fine of up to 200 euros.

Take your scooter on public transport

Due to different incidents that occurred, It is not allowed in many Autonomous Communities in Spain to enter with the electric scooter on buses, trains, subways, etc.

Do I need to have insurance?

Although the DGT does not currently require that the scooter user have insurance, it is more than It is advisable to have civil liability insurancein the case of possible accidents.

Should I get a license for my scooter?

It is not required at the moment and according to current regulations. But there is a regulations to respect while riding the scooter or VMP vehicle. As examples, you cannot exceed the speed of 25 km/hour or you cannot circulate using helmets, headphones or using a mobile phone.

Where should I circulate?

The ideal is the use of so-called bike lanes, or failing that on the road, always clearly visible with reflective clothing and lighting devices, especially at night. Sidewalks should not be used, there are even possible penalties if these areas intended for pedestrians are used.

Regulations for scooters


It is being studied and there is already a proposal so that electric scooters, especially those that do not have a certificate, They have to pass a kind of MOT. Three aspects would be valued above all:

  • Check the speed.
  • Use of braking tests.
  • Check the condition of the battery, the surrounding cables, main and backup battery voltage if there is one, etc.

Prohibition of traveling in groups

According to the new regulation, It is prohibited to circulate in groups with the VMP. It is only allowed to circulate individually, thus avoiding possible risk situations and facilitating the flow of traffic.

DGT standards for scooters

Alcohol and drugs

It is strictly Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited. VMP drivers must maintain their ability to react and be alert at all times to avoid accidents.

Training and awareness

The DGT has launched training and awareness campaigns to inform VMP users about the new regulation and promote responsible and safe driving. It is essential that electric scooter drivers know and respect traffic rules to avoid accidents and improve road coexistence.

It is important that VMP users are informed about these regulations and comply with them to avoid sanctions and, above all, to circulate in a responsible and safe manner.

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