This Kawasaki toy with 48 cylinders can be yours

If you have plenty of room in the garage, and some money, here we bring you this Kawasaki 2-stroke, 4,200 cc and a 48-cylinder configuration. Yes, counting them there are 48 and, in addition, if that is not enough, this peculiar creation has another unique award, the Guinness. Come on, it comes with all the “Additional features”. Before we continue, one last detail that we think is crucial, it works!

But what would drive someone to customize their motorcycle in this impressive way? It is a seemingly simple question, with multiple answers. One could simply be a challenge. Or perhaps, embark on a project as extravagant, bizarre and just for pleasure. Because you can, without further ado.

Better yet, maybe not only do you fervently want such a project, but you are also an experienced engineer with a lot of experience customizing motorcycles and who, now, is determined to set a Guinness World Record. Well, not now, a few years ago. But, Bingo! This is the case, he is Simon Whitelock and she, her iconic Whitelock Tinker Toy.

Kawasaki with 48 cylinders, who gives more?

The heart of this amazing beast is a monstrous 4,200 cc, 48-cylinder engine block. It is made up of 16 triple two-stroke engines of origin Kawasaki KH250 and arranged in six banks of eight cylinders each. Surprisingly, the Mr. Whitelock He claims that his creation works and is also perfectly suitable for driving on the road. You just have to give it two good lames… Sorry, muster up your courage.

As we are telling you, not only does it start and run, but Whitelock He even posted a detailed video about it on his YouTube channel a few years ago, when he wanted to. Without further ado. In the video, Whitelock provides numerous details about the engine and the creation process. Two key facts that you will discover are: he used another 125 cc single-cylinder Kawasaki engine as a starter and, this beast weighs no less than 600 kg. That is to say, be careful not to let it fall on any part of your body, a pinch of this on the foot and good bye.

In addition to the engine parts, other original donors were used Kawasaki, without specifying the model, for other parts of this epic creation. Some parts were taken from other existing motorcycles, such as the brakes and front axle from a Honda Goldwingand an original gearbox bmw. In all of these cases, all parts required significant modifications to meet the specific needs of the project.

Whitelock Tinker Toy

Now comes the good part. Predictably, on April 20 at the auction “Bonhams Spring Stafford” (UK) will be sold and will have a new owner, we just need to know for how much. The current estimated price of this motorcycle is between 40,000 and 60,000 pounds, that is, around 47,000 and 70,000 euros.

Without a doubt, this preparation is an impressive feat of engineering that you can take to your garage for a pinch.

Whitelock Tinker Toy

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