This kit, tuned by Red Bull F1 engineers, converts any bike into electric. The bad thing is the price

The Skarper DiskDrive kit allows you to transform any bicycle into an ebike with advanced technology, which far exceeds the devices that already exist for this purpose. It adapts to any bicycle model that uses disc brakes. Satisfied users of their bicycle, the one they have chosen and that satisfies their tastes, will be able to convert it to electric in minutes. It really is, as we will see below, an exciting invention for a good number of lovers of the world of bikes.

The kit is easily removed, so the user has two options on a single bike: the pedal and the e-bike.. From pedaling to traveling comfortably effortlessly in seconds. With the kit installed, the rider feels a light ride with a very smooth ride. The system is very simple and does not require modifications to the structure of the bike or specialized technical knowledge.

How does the Skarper Disk Drive kit work to transform the common bike into an electric one?

The Skarper kit is a device that is installed in the place of the spider on the rear disc of the bike. On his Starper website. The creators present it as the first completely closed and cable-free transmission system that integrates perfectly into the bicycle. No modification to the frame or wheels is required, and performance is not affected. You just have to replace the rear brake spider with the one included in the kit.

The kit can be carried in a backpack or bag. It is made up of a motor, a battery and the electronic system. Everything is integrated into a kind of box. Complete, it weighs just 4 kg, and measures 34 cm long by 16 cm wide. This box is placed on the rear wheel disc, the motor is connected and that’s it.

The motor power is 250 W, which allows a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The battery achieves autonomy of between 30 and 50 km, with pedaling support. It recharges in 2 and a half hours, and has a quick recharge mechanism for emergencies, which gives it 10 km of autonomy.

Skarper eBike

Red Bull Advanced Technologies and Skarter: the successful partnership

Skarter is the small British start-up that created the kit. To consolidate its development, the start-up partnered with Red Bull Advanced Technologies. This integration of engineering, experience and knowledge was key for the kit to achieve its current specifications.

Skarper eBike

Red Bull engineers, experts in engines and F1, helped to especially fine-tune the size and power of the kit’s engine.. A business duo that is revolutionizing the world’s cycling sector.

The Skarter kit conforms to the standard requirements established by EU regulationsand has captured the attention of the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and Japan, among other countries.

Although it costs almost the same as a ebike, Skarter has had an excellent impact on the cycling environment. Its market launch is already being prepared and pre-orders are being received. There are already a good number of users who want to be the first to experience this novelty that promises renewed experiences.

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