This scooter is an origami capable of folding to the same size as a coffee cup

The Japanese company Shimizu promises the electric scooter that every user dreams of. It is a vehicle that, when folded, can be stored in a common backpack or in a bag carried on the shoulder. Great news for those who carry their scooters on public transportation vehicles, or those who keep them in apartments or offices.

In the current system of scooter use, the Portability is a condition that determines the choice of buyers. The lighter and more foldable it is, the more it will facilitate use, especially for those who integrate it into their lives and take it everywhere.

The size after folding is a focus of attention of manufacturers who compete to achieve the most practical. The central point is that this feature cannot harm the quality and mobility of the scooter.

In this context, Shimizu is developing Armathe scooter that is announced as the perfect companion for those who choose the scooter as their usual transportation.

Some of the features of the Arma scooter

The renowned news company details the characteristics defined by the manufacturer of the new scooter. It is notable his 3.5Ah 36V lithium battery, removable, rechargeable in two hours. Its motor offers 250 W, the model has a range of between 11 and 14.5 km, with an estimated maximum speed of 24 km per hour.

Its resistant materials support the weight of passengers of up to 100 kilos. Continuing with its technical aspects, the scooter has an accelerator and brake button on the handlebar and also includes a speed and battery charge indicator screen.

These are the estimated characteristics, since, being in the development stage, they may vary.

folding scooter

Folding: Arma’s strong point

The novelty of Arma is its folding system. In general, the folding mechanisms of scooters have a single joint. Arma’s design, on the other hand, includes several points that articulate the folding.

The important point is that Each of the foot platforms folds around the rear wheel. This creates a box that folds again, enveloping the front wheel, also folded. To finish the fold, the handlebars will fold inward, and the head tube folds in three, and becomes the top of the carrying case, handle included.

The company claims that the process is done in 30 seconds. After folding, the scooter is the length and width of an A4 printer sheet. It forms a compact package weighing approximately 4.5 kgwhich fits a backpack or laptop bag.

folding scooter

Is the Weapon already on sale?

The Arma scooter is in the development and refinement stage, and the company refines its details. The first prototype was presented at the Japam Mobility Show, in October 2023.

Everything is planned so that the second prototype can be completed in a short time., which will be the finished version of the scooter. If Shimizu’s estimates are correct, the production phase will begin in the first months of 2024

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