This small sports car now sports a more radical finish. Yamaha surprises with its new R15M Carbon Edition

The Yamaha R15 It is one of the best sellers of the Japanese brand in a good part of the Asian markets where it is sold, and it will surely be even more so after the presentation of this R15M Carbon Edition at the Bharat Mobility Expo in India. An incredible special edition that adopts the most significant aesthetic features that its older sister, the YZF-R1M, sports.

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Yamaha R15M Carbon Edition in detail

Without a doubt, when you take a look at the images that the Bike Wale colleagues have published, you understand why this R15M Carbon Edition It was one of the brand’s biggest claims at the well-known Indian show, despite having the presence of larger displacement models such as the R7 or the YZF-R1M itself.

And the Japanese firm has done an excellent job in aesthetic terms, where it is R15M Carbon Edition It leaves no room for anything that does not elevate to the maximum expression the racing flavor that a mount of this type enjoys.

Yamaha surprises with its new R15M Carbon Edition at the Bharat Mobility Expo in India

The carbon-like finishes spread across the silhouette of this special edition of the YZF-R15 give the model extra personality, as well as an unquestionable improvement in its finishes, where they now enjoy, even more, a premium touch.

In contrast to these finishes, simulating carbon fiber, we have the rest of the pieces painted in silver gray or black, which pair perfectly with the gold tone of its inverted front fork or the titanium finishes of its brake calipers.

Yamaha surprises with its new R15M Carbon Edition at the Bharat Mobility Expo in India

In the mechanical section there are no changes, since the R15M Carbon Edition continues using the propellant 155 cc single cylinder water cooled. This declares a final power of 18.1 HP and 14.2 Nm of maximum torque, power figures that reach the rear wheel through a six-speed transmission.

The new one Yamaha R15M Carbon Edition It will be available very soon in the brand’s Indian dealerships, although its final price has not yet been revealed. The standard version starts at almost 183,000 rupees, which in exchange is equivalent to about 2,050 euros.

The question is whether Yamaha will do the same and launch here with its namesake, the Yamaha R125, and delight us with a version R125M Carbon Edition.

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