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What you are going to read may sound like an exaggeration, but correctly placing the motorcycle controls can be the fine line between a scare and an accident. Although we are not going to get so intense and focus on the worst because knowing how to correctly place the motorcycle controls will also make driving much more comfortable for you.

To do this we have to see what we can accommodate our needs within those controls and it is something that will vary depending on the motorcycle or scooter. In fact, if it is a scooter, the possibilities of configuring the controls to our liking are practically nil in most models. Meanwhile, on motorcycles, there will be things that you can adapt and others that you cannot depending on the model.

How to correctly place the levers

There is nothing more pleasant than having the levers well placed in their position and it is something that you do not appreciate until they are actually in place. A high or low, close or far lever is uncomfortable, what happens is that you get used to it and when you put it in place you go to the next level.

But how to place the handle correctly? The standards say that this happens when in the case of the clutch you can easily change the position of your hand and grab it with all four fingers even if you only use one or two later. You can fine-tune it by moving it, doing the test finger by finger until you reach the optimal point.

If we talk about the brake lever, it is basically the same, although in this case we must take into account that we manage the accelerator with the same hand, so our hand will not be static but will normally be in motion. In this case, the comfortable thing is that you can go from holding the accelerator to braking comfortably. Furthermore, it should not be overlooked that many brake levers (except clutch levers) are adjustable in distance, which will allow you greater customization.

How to correctly position the rear brake

Although many do not use the rear brake, driving using it correctly reduces the braking distance and helps us handle the motorcycle better. But to do this it must be correctly positioned in such a way that we do not have to remove our foot from the footrest or make sudden or exaggerated movements.

The ideal is to find the rear brake lever about two fingers below the horizontal of the footrest. With this we can comfortably place our foot on the footrest and not brake accidentally but at the same time have it close to be able to step on it when the time comes.

Being able to position the brake or gear lever increases comfort

How to properly position the shift lever

This is another key point because during a trip we are going to shift up and down many times and more so if we are in the city or on curvy roads. In this case it is not as “simple” as with the brake because here we must put our foot underneath or step on the lever and therefore we must also take into account the size of our foot.

So the key is to have the lever adjusted in such a way that we do not have to flex excessively or stretch it more than necessary. There are also shift levers, especially from the auxiliary market in which you can move the final lever closer or further away depending on the size of your foot.

How to correctly place the lights and turn signals controls…

The adjustments in the pineapples are very practical on a daily basis

Although they usually come correctly positioned from the factory, they can always be adjusted slightly if it is more comfortable for us. In this case, it is essential that those controls that you are going to activate most frequently, such as the turn signal or those that you may need without time to locate, such as the horn, are as close to your hand as possible.

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