This way of loading the motorcycle onto the trailer will not leave you indifferent.

One of the most popular ways to transport our motorcycle, to one side or another, is to use a trailer. Efficient, simple and more economical than having a van for when we want to move the motorcycle.

And then there’s the art of loading the bike onto the trailer and securing it. That is an art that is developed over time, although like everything in life, there are more effective and safer ways to do it, as we have already told you on other occasions.

This way of loading the motorcycle onto the trailer is neither safe nor recommended, but it is effective.

And within those more or less safe ways, this time we are left with one of the most insecure we have ever seen. Unless you are Conan or Zumosol’s cousin, the usual thing is that you have to lean on a ramp and it is logical that that ramp is specific for motorcycles.

In fact, even towing ramps for motorcycles have a maximum weight that must be monitored… unless you are the protagonist of the video. If you look closely, the ramp used to lift the motorcycle onto the trailer is nothing more nor less than an ironing board. Yes, an ironing board.

Loading a bike with an ironing board
byu/MargusMoto inmotorcycles

As you can see, it is effective and withstands the stress, including deformation. As a joke, it must be admitted that it doesn’t look bad, but it is a terrible idea because if the ironing board gives way at a critical moment, the motorcycle can become unbalanced and fall on top of you.

We do not recommend it by any means, although we must admit that on this occasion it has been useful. Of course, it seems that the original ramp is at the back, so risking having your motorcycle fall on you for some visualizations doesn’t seem like a very good idea.

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