Thousands of Harleys are dangerous at 100 mph. The brand is solving it by limiting them to 99 mph

In recent times to Harley-Davidson It seems that they have outgrown it, at least in terms of specific flaws that affect some of its most emblematic models. Within this negative spiral, recently the NHTSA (US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has issued different statements in relation to several failures detected in different models of the brand.

From the Italian media Motociclismo they point out that more than 65,000 copies of the brand will have to be called for review in order to solve a dynamic problem coming from the support in charge of regulating the spring preload.

Harley-Davidson again issues a review campaign for several models

Apparently, the models Softail Deluxe, Classic Low Rider S and ST manufactured between September 2017 and August 2023they will have to go through a review campaign to be able to solve this problem.

If you remember in September 2023 we already reported a similar problem in the Softail model (versions 2018-2023). Then it was said that some units could be affected by a problem in the rear shock absorber anchors, which could cause them to malfunction and even risk an accident.

On the other hand, the Harley-Davidson Street Glide CVO manufactured between July 10 and October 6, 2023a total of 1,464 units, would also be affected by a dynamic problem that, as reported in the NHTSA’s own statement:

Recall of thousands of Harley-Davidson units due to different dynamic problems

“Certain motorcycles Harley-Davidson Model year 2023 Street Glide CVO (FLHXSE) manufactured between 05/10/23 and 10/6/23 may respond more than expected to road and environmental influences (examples: road irregularities, wind gusts ) when operating at speeds greater than 100 mph.”

The problem seems to have occurred, according to the report itself, “on certain model year 2023 CVO Street Glide (FLHXSE) motorcycles, the overall combination of frontal mass, rigidity and inertia does not allow the desired vehicle performance at speeds above 100 mph”

In this case, initially and as a solution to the problem, the brand had chosen to install a front counterweight to try to counteract the inertia that occurs in the front, and limit the maximum speed of the units covered by this campaign to 99 mph. revision.

Recall of thousands of Harley-Davidson units due to different dynamic problems

Returning to the explanations issued by Harley: “The recall kit will include a ballast (p/n 45800162) and belt (p/n 45800163) that will be mounted to the front of the motorcycle, as well as a new calibration of the engine control module (ECM).”

In a second statement dated December 21, 2023, the brand only referred to recalibrating the ECU by limiting the maximum speed: “The fix will involve a recalibration of the engine control module (ECM).”

According to the brand itself, it has already contacted the owners of Street Glide CVO between December 22, 2023 and January 3, 2024. For more information and details about these review campaigns you can go to your nearest distributor or consult the brand’s official website.

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