Tractor wheels, KTM engine… This Monster bike is so cool it could be in Mad Max

The guys at Grind Hard Plumbing Co. have done it again. After a long process of completely handmade creation, and with more than one headache in the middle, they have finally finished the “Hydraulic Steer Monster Chopper Build”. His most beastly creation in the shape of a “motorcycle” totally different from what we are used to. In fact, it uses a hydraulic system to stand on giant 46” tractor wheels. Let’s see who gives more.

Tighten the fillings of your half-loose teeth, this creation is the craziest climax you will see outside of the movie screens. Be careful, at the moment it half works. You can’t miss the video below.

Possibly not, we are surely looking at his craziest creation. It is worthy, as we stated in the headline, of leading the way in any pursuit of a hypothetical new edition of the Mad Max saga. Ayyyy, if Mel Gibson were 35 years younger!

As you well know, these North American content creators have had us amazed for a long time, in our minds we have their particular scooter with mechanical mechanics. Honda CBR1000RR, Hayabusa of snow and a long etcetera. That is to say, they are crazy, but they have hands, means and legislation that, envy, is an understatement. But that is another story.

Hydraulic Steer Monster Chopper Build

This is the Hydraulic Steer Monster Chopper Build

Equipped with 46-inch tires on both ends, this machine goes far beyond being a simple motorcycle that you sit on and ride peacefully. Already seated, below, and in sight, is strategically located an engine from a KTM 1290 Super Adventure. Mechanics capable of delivering no less than 160 HP. We are making progress.

In addition to the wheels, the highlight of this creation is the general suspension of the motorcycle and the hydraulic steering. In fact, it is anything but conventional. Through a system, the chassis without a swingarm (which looks more like a subframe), we could say that it works as a general swingarm by oscillating through monoshock absorbers. And, it oscillates in relation to the monstrous 46” wheels. This peculiar design extends in a more or less similar way to the rear of the bike.

Hydraulic Steer Monster Chopper Build

The front part features a design that demanded an unconventional solution for the steering. Neither short nor lazy, they opted for a hydraulic system. An innovative addition that gave a lot of work in the staging of the “Hydraulic Steer Monster Chopper Build”. Quick changes of direction are obviously not its forte.

What makes this motorcycle even more attractive is the complete absence of a bodywork. This allows you to admire its engineering uninterruptedly. It is clear that, in such a spectacularly peculiar project, this choice seems to be the right one. We take off our hats, it’s the biggest thing we’ve seen in a long, long time.

Hydraulic Steer Monster Chopper Build

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